Bad Experiences in Online Casinos – The Most Common Gambling Complaints

The online gambling industry has made a splash in the past 20 years. It has completely surpassed land based gambling, but at the same time, it gave players numerous reasons to make the switch online.

From best casino bonuses to free spins, and other promotions, it was clear that online gaming sites would eventually rule the market from the moment they first appeared. Free games with a high house edge and deposit bonus offers that boost your bankroll significantly were simply too good to ignore for most players.

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In the past few decades, online gambling websites have had a smooth ride. The iGaming industry has become a compelling business with unforeseen revenue coming in each year. Companies have paid massive cash amounts to create a stunning industry that allows players to play betting games just like in land based casinos.

With that being said, there have been plenty of complaints online about certain things. While these won’t break the trust of licensed online casinos, players have been complaining about everything from rogue gaming sites to gambling addiction, scam games, and subpar customer service.

What Are the Usual Bad Experiences Online Casino Players Have?

In 2021, Internet casinos are pretty much set in terms of usability and legality. However, there are some things players have been complaining about. Technical errors are most common, but some players complain about sites failing to help problem gamblers and many have complained about rogue casino sites that don’t pay as well. It’s easy to gamble online, but things aren’t always smooth sailing.

A glance at the Internet’s online gambling forums will tell you all you need to know. There’s a complaint for every few 5-star user reviews, so it hasn’t been all great for online gambling operators. Sure, the pros far outweigh the cons, but players should have a head start by knowing the weaknesses of a certain online casino.

Forums are full of complaints about major casino sites which have been unable to resolve technical errors, rarely pay out, or have problems with self-exclusion policies.

The great news is that the gambling community is quite vocal about these and other problems, so you just might find many casino complaints that will surely choose the right casino.

Rogue Casinos

While the online gambling industry is fully legal and always has been, unregulated jurisdictions have given birth to many rogue casinos. As a matter of fact, this remains a major problem in the iGaming industry.

There are many complaints online about unlicensed casino sites that have not paid out winnings and put players’ personal data at risk. The worst thing about it is that your chances of resolving disputes against these casino sites are slim to non-existent.

Since there’s no license and jurisdiction to protect you, you’re left without any help from gambling laws when you lose money.

This is why it’s important to find a licensed casino website if you want a proper online gaming experience and win. It’s the only way to enjoy proper online gaming. If you’ve made the mistake of joining a scam site, you should stop playing right away instead of depositing more money.

Technical Errors

While slot games, blackjack, roulette, and any other type of casino game load up pretty fast in 2021 and run smoothly across any mobile device, some casinos experience technical errors that players have complained about. Of course, these errors are rare, but malfunctions can happen. This is a major problem if you’re in the middle of a high-paying run where you win big and the game breaks.

Online gambling sites usually have a disclaimer in their terms and conditions that absolves them of any responsibility in this case. This is very unfortunate and can cost you big bucks when it happens.

In order to avoid this, players have been grabbing screenshots every chance they can. Licensed casinos may help you in this case, but not if there are no game logs registered. Essentially, you’re relying on the casino’s good will in this case.

If you experience a freeze or technical error, make sure to talk to the casino’s customer support ASAP. See if you can access the logs from your account – that should help your case.

The sooner you contact the customer support team, the better your chances of resolving the issue.

Payment Processors Complaints

Instant deposits and fast withdrawals are essential for a proper online gaming experience. Unfortunately, not all operators promise it. Internet online gambling forums are full of complaints about slow withdrawals. In other words, casino sites deliberately drag the process to hold onto the money for as long as possible.

Reductions in maximum bet limits, unreasonable wagering requirements, and other bugs and other types of problems are also common among players.

The good news is that these complaints can be resolved easily by pressuring casinos to process transactions faster. Of course, you’ll need to sign up with a licensed casino for this to happen, since rogue casinos won’t offer much help for this problem.

Gambling Addiction Problems

We all know that gambling can be a huge draw for players. Problem gambling is a real issue that can’t be ignored. Most online casinos sites in 2021 have joined one program or another that aims to help those in need. However, there are still many complaints about casinos not offering exclusion and similar tools that block players from accessing the casino in order to curb the dangers of addiction.

In 2017, popular web casino 888 received a massive fine from the Gambling Commission for failing to stick to these terms. A problem gambler from the UK accused popular casinos LeoVegas and Casumo of ignoring obvious signs of addiction a few years back.

Instead of sticking to their self-exclusion terms, they continued offering free spins and bonuses as well as a higher VIP status to her via email marketing. They essentially pushed her to play games, which led to losses of over $50,000.

This is only one case of ignoring signs of addiction, with dozens of others available across forums around the world. Due to them, calls are being made for tougher regulations and rules and prevention of gambling on credit.

Laws and regulations are trying to eradicate the bad guys, but things haven’t exactly been going to plan. Gambling should be fun before everything else, but for many people, it definitely isn’t.

These cases are among the most notorious experiences in online casinos. By preying on your addiction and not sticking to regulatory requirements, gaming companies can continue offering deposit bonuses to players which makes them play more with borrowed money and leads to mounting losses.

It’s something that shouldn’t happen in 2021, but unfortunately, it still does.

KYC Complaints

The KYC process, short for Know Your Customer, is a term that describes the verification of a player’s account. Many casinos require KYC verification for faster withdrawals. It’s a one-time process that allows playing carefree since you know you’re verified for a withdrawal right away.

However, we’ve found many complaints about gamblers being unable to withdraw their winnings instantly even after they’ve sent the required documents to verify their account. Online casinos are dragging things so they can delay payments, which is the exact opposite of what should happen.

If your operator does this, you should definitely file a complaint.

Where to Report a Bad Experience?

The first thing you can do in case you have a bad experience online casino is to talk to the operator itself. Licensed casino sites are required by the law to look into any problems brought up by customers. The details should be available directly on the website. Talk to the customer support via live chat for a faster response to your queries. You can also get in touch via email or talk to the casino on the phone if that channel is available.

You should never let these problems slide. When filing a complaint with a casino, you should make sure that your position is strong. If you have a complaint related to the terms and conditions, read those parts carefully. Here’s a tip – copy and paste them into a notepad file so the casino doesn’t instantly change them while the process is ongoing.

Gamblers should also record all correspondence. Regardless if you’re talking via email or live chat, you should download the transcript at the end of dialogue. If the casino doesn’t offer that option, then use screenshots. In this way, you’ll have a much stronger position to act upon if the casino doesn’t stick to its part of the deal.

If it’s a bonus you want to talk about, you should read the bonus T&Cs carefully. Many players ignore these terms and are livid when they don’t get the bonus they were promised. However, if you want your winnings paid, you should ensure that you’ve covered the terms. Bonuses have wagering requirements you must complete in a set time before you can get advantage of the winnings.

What’s the Next Step?

If the casino is still inconclusive regarding your complaint or has rejected it, you should look to an Alternate Dispute Resolution Body. American players can use it as a free service, but it is only available after you’ve completed the official procedure complaint.

The UK Gambling Commission offers such a service, protecting your interests in terms of bonus complaints, payment complaints, or any other type of issue with the gaming house.

If everything else fails, you can report the problem via social media, TV, or newspapers. Raising your complaints the public way may bring new ‘warriors’ to your cause. Other players are likely to have had bad experiences before you, and they can help your case progress further.

Whatever you choose, you shouldn’t just ignore an issue when playing in online casinos. If an issue arises, you should follow up on it and get what’s rightfully yours.

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