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AskMyAdvisor, revolutionizing the bridge between clients, their vast relationships and connections to financial advisors

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Brian Ouellette, Founder of Pro Athlete Direct and Founder/Creator of the new software service (or SaaS) company AskMyAdvisor joins Enterprise Radio. AskMyAdvisor plans to revolutionize the bridge between clients, their vast relationships and connections to financial advisors.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Brian Ouellette discuss the following:

  1. What’s the reason you originally started Pro Athlete Direct?
  2. What is the key thing you’ve learned the past 10 years working with financial advisors on the other side of the desk & sports agents?
  3. What is the AskMyAdvisor app and what does it have to do with Pro Athlete Direct?
  4. How does it work if I’m a financial advisor? How does it work on the client side?
  5. Where can one get more information?

For a decade, after graduating from the University of Washington, Brian was a financial advisor working in Chicago on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), on Wall Street in NYC & in Seattle’s financial district.

In 2000, while at Oppenheimer & Co., Brian was invited to be the Market Commentator for Q13 FOX News This Morning. From the studio the TV network built in his office, he reported live, daily for over 3 1/2 years. Credited with over +3,000 live TV appearances in Seattle to as far away as Washington DC, he reported to the 12 largest media market in the US during the biggest boom & bust in the history of the US stock market.

In April 2004, he sold his practice & launched Shoewallet Active Gear. Since then, the “Shoewallet™” has been featured on: NBC’s Today Show, CNN, NY1 & over 250 radio stations. In addition, it’s been featured in Shape magazine, Runner’s World, Women’s Day & many others in the US & abroad. Shoewallet has produced private label Shoewallets for such brands as: Boeing, The Department of Defense, Skechers, Southwest Airlines, UCLA, Virginia Tech University, Dunkin’ Donuts, The US Air Force, Komen Foundation, John Hancock, The Boston Marathon & 100’s of others around the US & Canada.

Leveraging his 10 years of experience in finance, in September 2010, Brian launched Pro Athlete Direct™ as an Education Based Marketing service to connect sharp financial advisors & realtors with sports agents to help pro athletes better manage their money for the short, mid & long term.

NEW: In Q3 Brian has launched the new, SaaS company, AskMyAdvisor [By Invitiation]. This software allows financial advisors a simple way to strengthen their relationship with their top 25 clients, while helping the people who matter most to their clients in a simple, straightforward way.

This service is something that just about any driven financial advisor can use to strengthen their current client relationships & raise more assets from them, while getting same day introductions from these same clients to the people closest tothem. All of this done online & automatically.

Brian coaches his private members who are financial advisors & realtors based in the US to a far as Zurich, Switzerland. Member backgrounds range from former pro athletes from all major sports (including Super Bowl winners, MLB All-Stars, Olympic medalists) turned financial advisors, Barron’s Top 100 advisors, Forbes Top Wealth Advisors, top producing realtors to sharp advisors & agents earlier in their careers (min. of 5 years experience required to be considered for membership) & everyone in between.


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