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San Diego Startup Month, a virtual successful format

Posted: October 30, 2020 at 7:18 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Neal Bloom, the Founder of Fresh Brewed Tech, Chairman of Startup San Diego, and Managing Partner of Rising Tide Partners who has helped build an entrepreneur-focused community that helps entrepreneurs and companies grow and succeed again joins Enterprise Radio to discuss the success of San Diego Startup Month.

This episode of Enterprise Radio is in association with the Technology Channel.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Neal Bloom discuss the following:

  1. Tell us about San Diego Startup Month. What is the premise behind this month-long event and what were you hoping to accomplish? 
  2. Approximately how many businesses were in attendance and how many attended the event on a whole and were you pleased with the attendance numbers? 
  3. What were some of the programming elements for this month-long event and what did people learn that were in attendance? 
  4. I understand there was an incubator launched for startups. Can you tell us more about that and can startups still apply for that incubator? 
  5. Does a business have to be in the San Diego region to participate in that incubator? 
  6. As being one of San Diego 500 influential business leaders, do you feel the San Diego region is still growing technology wise even in a pandemic?
  7. Are you going to continue the month-long format for 2021 or is it too early to say what the format will be next year? 
  8. Were there any challenges in doing a virtual event or any key takeaways for others that may feel they want to pull off a virtual event? 
  9. If businesses or volunteers want to get involved in the next event, where or whom would they contact for more info? 

Neal Bloom is Founder, Fresh Brewed Tech; Chairman, Startup San Diego; and Managing Partner, Rising Tide Partners.

Through his grassroots effort in multiple organizations, Neal Bloom has helped build an entrepreneur-focused community that helps entrepreneurs and companies grow and succeed in San Diego. Bloom co-founded local nonprofit Startup San Diego and has helped grow San Diego Startup Week, which over the last seven years, has helped inspire thousands of local San Diegans in building confidence in taking the     leap to become an entrepreneur. He is an investor and serves as a mentor to countless young entrepreneurs and is actively engaged in growing and promoting San Diego’s thriving tech ecosystem. Bloom is dedicated to the success of the region and because of his tireless tech evangelism, some people have even given him the nickname, “Mr. San Diego.”

Bloom also co-founded San Diego software company Portfolium (acquired in 2019) to help new college grads promote themselves; launched to attract tech talent to the San Diego region; and also created a venture capital podcast (Tacos & Tech), and a newsletter and tech blog (Fresh Brewed Tech) to continue to bring venture capital and businesses to San Diego, elevating the community as a top 10 tech and startup hub.  From his success in helping to build the San Diego tech ecosystem, Bloom has also been helping other startup communities around the world adopt aspects of the ecosystem ‘playbook ‘- the elements of how to grow a startup community via capital, talent, mentorship, etc. Previously an aerospace engineer, Bloom helped launch over 80 astronauts during the Space Shuttle program.


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