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Asian Skincare Favourites in Canada

Posted: December 31, 2022 at 7:43 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Where can you buy Asian skincare brands in Canada?

These brands can be found at various retailers, including department stores, specialty beauty stores, and online platforms like Welloona.

However, similar to the overall trend, Asian skincare brands in Canada are largely sold online. It is a fairly new category for the Canadian market, that’s why having a physical store dedicated specifically to the Asian skincare would be a risk.

That’s why Asian skincare products in Canada are largely sold online in retailers like Welloona. This gives an advantage to sell to the whole country as opposed to just one city, which definitely helps run the day-to-day operations.

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Are Asian sincare brands popular in Canada?

Yes, Asian skincare brands are popular in Canada. Many Canadian consumers are interested in incorporating Asian skincare routines and products into their daily beauty routines, and there are a number of Asian skincare brands that have gained popularity in Canada.

Inside the Asian skincare there are three major product groups – Korean skincare, Chinese skincare and Japanese skincare. Each group has a number of brands underneath it, here is a couple of examples:

  • K-beauty brands such as Sulwhasoo, Dr. Ceuracle, Laneige
  • Japanese skincare brands such as Biore and Hada Labo
  • Chinese skincare brands such as Perfect Diary

What are the main trends in Asian skincare?

Overall, there is a number of trends in Asian skincare. Some are similar to the North American trend, others are different. Here is a couple of trends that really stand out:

  1. Natural, organic and cruelty-free products – there is a growing trend towards using natural and organic skincare products in Asia, as consumers become more concerned about the ingredients in their products and their impact on the environment. Hada Labo is a good example of this trend as they products come in eco-friendly packaging, and offers refill packages.
  2. Sheet masks – sheet masks are a popular skincare trend in Asia, as they are convenient and easy to use. They are typically made of a thin sheet of fabric that is soaked in a serum and applied to the face to provide a quick, hydrating boost. Some of the most popular sheet masks include Abib skincare.
  3. Glowing skin – many Asian skincare products are designed to help achieve a radiant, glowing complexion. This includes products such as brightening serums, exfoliants, and facial oils.
  4. Men’s skincare – there is a growing demand for skincare products for men in Asia, as more men become interested in grooming and maintaining healthy skin. Brands are developing specific men’s skincare lines to meet this demand.
  5. Nature + science – another important piece in Asian skincare. Many of the traditional ingredients are used as the foundation for some Asian skincare brands. These ingredients are scientifically grown (e.g. Korean red ginseng) and formulated to deliver maximum benefits for your skin.

Are there luxury skincare brands in Asian skincare as well?

Sure thing, plenty. Suwhasoo, Laneige, SK-II, La Mer to name a few.

Sulwhasoo is a good example of a luxury K-beauty brand that is well-known in Canada and North America. Sulwhasoo is a Korean luxury skincare and cosmetics brand that is known for its use of traditional Korean herbal medicine and ingredients in its products.

Sulwhasoo’s product line includes serums, toners, creams, masks, and more. The brand is also known for its partnerships with influential figures in the beauty industry, such as actress Kim Yoon-jin and model Liu Wen.

In Canada it is sold online at Welloona and other retailers but is also offered at some of known brick & mortar stores like Nordstrom, Holt Renfrew and other stores.

Do you think Asian skincare brands will become increasingly popular in Canada?

Yes, I think so. Asian skincare brands will become increasingly popular in Canada as there is already a trend of people seeking out skincare products from different cultures and countries. With the rise of social media and online shopping, it is easier for people in Canada to access these brands and try out different products. Additionally, Asian skincare brands have gained a reputation for using high-quality ingredients and innovative skincare techniques, which may also contribute to their popularity in Canada.

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