A Mum-preneur’s journey to daily happiness through business, balance and rituals

Marie Temby, an International Best Selling Author of Simple Soulful Successful – A Mum-preneur’s journey to daily happiness through business, balance and rituals joins Enterprise Radio. Marie has been a successful multi-site franchisee for over two decades and during this journey has discovered how to have the perfect balance and happiness every day of her life.

Listento hostEric Dye& guest Marie Temby discuss the following:

  1. What was the reason behind you wanting to write your book?
  2. What are some of your tips you and your partner had for your business and working and living together which may help others doing the same?
  3. You have a chapter on paperwork, why did you find that important to write about and what have you discovered about it?
  4. You talk about the importance of your staff and your customers can you advise your biggest take-aways on each of these that could help the listener today?
  5. You write about living the ten principles that you have lived by over the years, can you explain each one and the importance of these?

In 1995,Marie Temby began the lifelong adventure of working with the Bakers Delight franchise in Australia. By 2000, she had opened two locations with her husband. Over the course of hard work, they started their family.

Marie did her best to achieve work-life balance, being guided by the following principles : family first, passion, gratitude, health, learning, positivity, rituals, improvement, honesty and spirituality.

Managing a business can be tough but with priorities in place she was able to focus on ensuring work was well organized and keeping family first.

In the book Marie shares wisdom garnered through her approach to paperwork, customers, staff, management and personal life.

Through daily rituals she accessed simplicity and soul and this led to success.

In the hope of guiding others she wrote her story.

Work and family are both important. Marie found a way to keep love, passion and parenthood in balance. It is a matter of effort and intention. Embrace simplicity. Express your soul. Achieve success as you see it.

Website: MarieTemby.com

Social Media Links:
Facebook: Facebook.com/simplesoulfulsuccessful
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarieTemby

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