Starting an Online Art Gallery with Robert Berry

Robert Berry, Founder of Robert Berry Gallery, a virtual art gallery with a focus on world-changing art based in New York City joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Robert Berry discuss the following:

  1. With 15 years working in New York City’s vibrant art world, you started your own virtual gallery this year. Why did you decide to start your own gallery?
  2. What makes Robert Berry Gallery unique in the marketplace?
  3. Tell me about your current show, Impressionable, by Chicago artist John Ruby. What do the paintings look like in person?
  4. Are people buying art online?
  5. How can people start collecting art?

Robert Berry is a New York City-based art gallerist, consultant, and advisor. With over 15 years’ experience selling and collecting fine art in Manhattan’s vibrant art world, Robert launched his own virtual art gallery, Robert Berry Gallery. With millions quarantined as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic, art must be available and accessible to all, as a new emphasis has been placed on mental health and wellness.

Art provides both questions and answers during an uncertain time. Robert Berry Gallery’s newest show, Impressionable, features nine breathtaking works of rock icons by Chicago-based artist John Ruby. Visit to view the exhibition and more.

Robert earned his B.A. in Art History from Stony Brook University, and his M.A. in Art History and Criticism from Brooklyn College where he focused on post-war American painters.


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