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7 Steps to Properly Care for Your Deck

Posted: November 5, 2019 at 6:21 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The deck that you install within your home or office is an important investment. For your deck is in an ideal condition, proper care needs to be taken. Any professional like tell you without proper care, your deck will not last for long.

Wooden decks can encounter a lot of foot traffic. Moisture and sunlight are also exposed to the surface of the deck. This leaves your deck vulnerable. Discoloration and rotting can result from exposure to a lot of moisture. 

Proper care of your deck will ensure that you use it for many years to come. Without doing this, the curb appeal of having an intriguing deck is lost. So, how do you make sure that you get the best out of your deck for many years? Here are some steps for you to take to see to it that you properly care for your deck:

1. Go for Quality Products

The first thing for you to do is getting the right products for your deck. Since your deck will encounter traffic and elements such as moisture, you need to choose quality products. Water from sprinklers, rain, and even spills will, at times, get to your deck. It may also be exposed to harsh sunlight for long hours. Occasionally, it may be exposed to snow, ice, and cold. All these factors can result in the deterioration of your deck’s quality. 

You need to find out more and understand that moisture trapped within a wooden deck will eventually lead to rotting. You should strive to make its design have minimal wood-to-wood contact. Go for quality wood that has been pressure treated for moisture endurance. Install solid timber instead of putting together smaller pieces. Screws and ordinary nails corrode quickly. Rather, use stainless steel fasteners.         

2. Make Repairs As Soon As Possible

Repair damaged wood immediately you notice a problem. This helps you prevent the development of larger deck problems. Don’t downplay any problems that you notice. Replace rotten boards on your deck quickly. This prevents the rot from spreading further. This does away with the need of you eventually having to replace the whole deck one day down the line.   

Regular maintenance should also be performed by tightening loose railings or boards. Loose connections within the deck allow water to seep in and accumulate. This, in turn, speeds up the deterioration of your deck. 

3. Handle A New Deck Carefully

You need to treat your deck with care from the beginning. This applies to both a newly installed deck and new wood replacements to an existing deck. The entire deck should be professionally cleaned. This does away with any surface impurities that hinder the penetration of sealants into the wood. Still, make sure that you use a waterproof sealer for sealing. You can even add color and stain if you desire. 

Now, the market is already flooded with deck sealants and it is always difficult for beginners and sometime even for professionals to pick the best deck sealer. If you don’t want to waste your time testing different products on your deck, you should visit for expert recommendations on professional and affordable deck treatment solutions.

4. Regularly Seal and Clean Your Deck 

The maintenance of your deck should be done throughout its lifetime. Your deck can stay for a much longer time if you follow a regular maintenance plan. This involves professional cleaning and sealing of your deck every two or three years. This guarantees full protection to your deck against the harshest of elements. 

Your deck will be more prone to wearing as it ages. Wearing signs may be observed more frequently as your deck ages. Pressure washing and sealing of your deck should start if you notice this occurrence. Moreover, this should be done frequently. 

Sealants act by protecting your deck from moisture. This eliminates any swelling within your deck. Sealants also help prevent the wood within your deck from shrinking and becoming dull. The premature weathering of your deck is mainly as a result of swelling and shrinking.     

5. Select the Right Stain

DIY projects can help you save costs. Some of these projects are also easy to do. Staining your deck by yourself is an excellent way to care for it. Still, you may end up leaving your deck vulnerable to harsh elements by selecting the wrong stain. Don’t apply solid stains on your deck. This can cause more harm than good to your deck. 

Paint or stain will peel away much quicker when this is done. A lot of maintenance effort will be required for your deck to get back to its normal condition. For the full protection of your deck, go for oil-based stains. They will gradually and naturally fade. 

6. Catch That Grease and Dirt

Exercise caution while placing items on your deck. Don’t allow dirt and grease to pile up underneath such items. Place flower planters on cement blocks to avoid the accumulation of moisture and dirt beneath them. The accumulation of dirt and leaves can happen as time goes by. Regular sweeping can help prevent the accumulation of dirt and any other debris on the deck surface. Also, shovel any snow that’s on your deck as soon as possible.   

The sealant’s properties can also be stripped away through constant watering. This may end up leaving some spots more vulnerable than others. Use a grease catcher if you have a grill on your deck. This prevents the accumulation of grease on your deck. Grease stains can be very tricky when it comes to their removal. 

7. Don’t Get Duped by Pressure Treated Wood

The marketing of pressure-treated wood highlights how it can withstand harsh elements. Pressure-treating is done to deal with fungal decay, insects, and microorganisms. This type of wood can last for 20 years or more. 

Still, this wood doesn’t protect your deck against some harsh elements. You need a sealant to offer your deck full protection. This helps to prevent wearing away. This guarantees that your deck is protected against harsh weather.

Proper care should be taken when it comes to your deck. You can get the most out of your deck by regularly cleaning and maintaining it. It also lasts for a longer time through proper care. You should always use sealants on your deck. This helps prevent any deterioration of the wood. 

Finally, don’t procrastinate or ignore doing repairments to damaged wood. You may end up replacing your whole deck due to such laxity. Take proper care of your deck to maintain its curb appeal, and for more tips check out

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