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6 Podcasts for Manufacturing & Supply Chain Professionals

Posted: October 4, 2018 at 7:34 pm / by / comments (0)

The manufacturing and supply chain industry is lucrative, booming and fast-paced. Just a few years ago, The Economic Policy Institute researched that the manufacturing industry employed over 12 million new professionals, and even created an additional 17.1 additional jobs indirectly. But just like numerous industries in the last decade, it has experienced a lot of change and development with the onslaught of new technologies, processes and the digital age. In fact, the supply chain solutions market, including software and services, is expected to be valued at $32.9 billion in 2026 globally, according to an article released by Supply Chain Digital.

So whether you’re in the industry or just observing, it’s important to continually educate yourself about these changes. While podcasts have quite recently become popular, there is plenty of great audio content that is not only educational and valuable, but genuinely entertaining. Take a look.

1. MakingChips

The entertaining MakingChips podcast has been featured at many trade shows and organizations, including the International Manufacturing Technology Show, Machine Shop and Cutting Tool Engineering. They consider and discuss all different ideas in the manufacturing and supply chain industry, including creative aspects like design, marketing and social media. Most prominently, the group chats heavily about how professionals can grow in the industry and new developments to focus on, but they also enjoy chatting about other aspects like women in manufacturing.

2. Logistically Speaking

By focusing on actual professionals and thought leaders in the industry, Logistically Speaking is unique in its ability to provide real thought and answers from the inside. Hosted by Bringg, a delivery logistics platform, this prominent podcast has a weekly release and is a valuable resource to look at where people think the industry is going.

3. Supply Chain and Logistics Management

It may have a simple name, but it is no doubt a leader when it comes to podcasts in this arena. The Supply Chain and Logistics Management podcast was founded and created by the Cranfield School of Management in England, who have over 50 years of experience in the business. This podcast is completely free to audiences who are interested in new and different topics every week.

4. Advanced Manufacturing

As a biweekly podcast, Advanced Manufacturing focuses extensively on new and exciting developments in the industry and provides a detailed analysis of the industry’s recent achievements. Examples could include new 3-D printing companies or Apple Rubber’s new Viton fluorocarbon o-rings.

5. Supply Chain Insights

Hosted by the advisory and consulting firm of the same name, Supply Chain Insights is focused on improving the industry, and learning from professionals and consumers alike to see a real change in the processes. The major benefit of this podcast is that nearly every episode has a different executive or researcher within the industry, and from each person, we are able to see a unique perspective and understand unique recommendations.

6. The Art of Manufacturing

If you’re interested in manufacturing, but also love the business and entrepreneurial side of the industry, then The Art of Manufacturing podcast would be perfect for you. Released every Thursday, the host takes a deep dive into how entrepreneurs make it in the manufacturing industry, what moves they make and the steps involved from both the product and business side of things.

With an industry that is so expansive and constantly changing, it’s vital that you stay on top of new trends and interesting insights. Take a look through these suggestions of popular podcasts, and figure out what works best for your style.

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