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5 Great Podcasts For Gun Owners

Posted: November 23, 2020 at 7:35 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Whether you’re new to guns or a lifelong fan of shooting, there’s always more to learn. Especially with recent emergences in technology, there’s always something exciting going on in the gun world. Podcasts have become wildly popular in the last five to ten years and at this point, there’s a podcast for everyone, no matter what their interests. 

This, of course, includes shooting! 

Here are five podcasts for gun owners that are worth a listen. Why not check them out on your way to the range or to your next hunt? 

Firearms Nation

Based in Florida, the folks behind this podcast have really set out to teach people about guns and other shooting gear and the safety that goes along with the hobby. They lay out rules and responsibilities so that even the newest gun owner can understand, and they dole out this information in a way that is truly interesting and fun to listen to

Lone Star Gun Talk

The Lone Star Gun Talk Podcast comes to us from – you guessed it – Texas. This one helps us keep updated on the latest in firearm news from not just Texas but around the world. Listen to stay updated on everything gun related. 

Handgun World

Also out of Texas, this podcast stays away from political gun discussions and anything else that could turn into a potential argument. Instead, they choose to showcase guest interviews and talk about competition shooting, concealed carry commentary, and other interesting gun facts – not opinions. 

Urban Shooter

Urban Shooter tackles the more difficult issues in the gun world, such as racism, politics, and the spread of misinformation. On this podcast, they talk about what happens when guns get into the wrong hands and other awkward and controversial issues. Now known as “the responsible gun owner’s podcast”, it was actually one of the first pro gun podcasts ever. 

Wired To Hunt

Wired to Hunt is one of the highest rated and most popular hunting podcasts out there. With a main focus on whitetail deer hunting, the hosts share tips, strategies, and stories. They often conduct interviews with other hunters and firearm experts which are not only informative but a lot of fun. There’s new episodes every week which means you have a lot of past episodes to delve into if you so desire. 

Podcasts are wonderful to listen to on your morning commute, while you cook or clean, or while you wait in line at the DMV. And the best part is, they’re totally free! You may not be able to be out shooting today, but listening to a podcast about it is definitely the next best thing. Happy listening! 

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