300-year Personalized Time Capsules Help People Live Forever


Adrienne Liebenberg, Co-Founder of NotForgotten, a seller of personalized video time capsules that last 300 years joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Adrienne Liebenberg discuss the following:

  1. Tell us about NotForgotten.
  2. How did the company begin?
  3. What kinds of problems is NotForgotten solving for people today?
  4. What makes NotForgotten’s time capsule different from other options?
  5. How can NotForgotten help families?

NotForgotten Digital Preservation Library LLC, also known as NotForgotten, preserves personal stories for up to 300 years by integrating high tech media production with the fields of genealogy, archiving, libraries, trust funds, and blockchains.

Established by Lynn Paul Waterman and Adrienne Liebenberg in Princeton, New Jersey, in 2019, NotForgotten enables users across the USA, UK and Australia to create their own digital video time capsule through their app of the same name. 


Website: not-forgotten.com

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