Dr. Jude Miller Burke

Your Childhood Affects Who You Are At Work Today – Self Protection & Resilience At Work

Dr. Jude Miller Burke

Dr. Jude Miller Burke, business psychologist, executive coach, self-made millionaire, and author of the book, “The Millionaire Mystique: How Working Women Become Wealthy, and How You Can Too” joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Dr. Jude Miller Burke discuss the following:

  • You’ve interviewed over 100 female millionaires for your book, “The Millionaire Mystique” and you offer practical tips on achieving success in the workplace, using these women you interviewed as real life examples. Let’s talk about the mental health aspect surrounding these women. Tell us more about your research involving childhood trauma/adversity, and the impact that it has on career and/or financial success later in life.
  • Research shows that women in the workplace are more stressed than ever. What are some of your best, top tips for women who want to become successful and strengthen their resiliency but are suffering and can’t seem to move forward due to being overwhelmed? Please tie in some examples from your book of women who overcame the stress of their past and became business owners and/or wealthy.
  • You also discuss addiction and children of alcoholics/addicts. Why do you think there is a parallel between being successful and having origins from a dysfunctional home, witnessing domestic violence, and/or having an alcoholic parent?
  • Another aspect of a healthy lifestyle is possessing high self esteem and confidence. Your research shows that people who went through traumatic events are less likely to argue to the point of closure and (women specifically) are less likely to appear feminine at work. What are some recommendations for developing confidence as an adult survivor of trauma and becoming successful?
  • Another red flag of an unhealthy lifestyle is having few positive friends in your circle. Can you talk about your research involving women who experience physical or emotional childhood abuse and how it impacts their ability to maintain successful romantic and work relationships?¬† What would be your advice to women who are experiencing trouble at work or in romance and believe it’s due to their pasts?

Duration: 21:01

Dr. Jude Miller Burke is a business psychologist, executive coach and millionaire. She is the former Vice President of Operations, Optum, at United HealthGroup, where she built a national employee assistance program. At Honeywell in Minneapolis, Jude provided employee assistance counseling and management consultation for ten years. Jude also provided executive coaching for the past ten years through the University of St. Thomas Business Center, Murro Partners, and JAMB Consulting in Phoenix, Arizona.


Website: www.judemillerburke.com

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