Brian Worley

What attributes one should have when getting into the event planning and wedding event planning industry

Brian Worley

Brian Worley the Co-owner of YourBASH! – an event and wedding planning company with 12 years of vast event experience again joins Enterprise Radio to share what attributes one should have when getting into the event planning and wedding event planning industry.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Brian Worley discuss the following:

  • Remind our listeners, how you got into the event planning industry and specifically weddings?
  • What attributes should one have when getting into this industry? What do you feel makes for a good wedding event planner?
  • When organizing so many events, how do you plan your day accordingly so that you have a good mix of professional versus personal time?
  • Any tips for remaining organized when planning a big scale event?
  • Can you share again some advice for budding entrepreneurs and executive leaders of companies that may want to leave the corporate world and start their own business?
  • Who should hire a wedding event planner? Does this fit into every budget or is it mainly for celebrities?
  • What differentiates your company from the rest of the wedding event businesses out there?
  • Where can one go to learn more about your services?

Duration: 10:38

Brian Worley, co-owner of YourBASH!, has over twelve years of event experience to his credit. This extensive background of event production, coordination, design and “hands on” know how has allowed him the opportunity to produce events ranging from top entertainment networks, corporate clients, celebrity and high profile weddings, movie premieres, and product launches.

Brian’s successful event production capability has caught the eye of the world of television; he has become a guru on a number of network shows. Recently, he was the Celebrity Event Planner/Host on E!’s “Party Monsters Cabo”. His credits also include: WE TV’s “Platinum Weddings”, The Style Channel’s “Big Party Plan Off”, E!’s Oscar Pre-Show, Lifetime’s “Get Married”, TLC’s “Battle of the Wedding Designer”, and he was the wedding planner for Terry Crews on the BET Networks “The Family Crews”. Worley was also featured on a pilot for the Lifetime network as the Wedding Planner/Host of “Back in Wedding Shape”.

Brian Worley has been featured as a consultant for the website and he is in the process of developing two other web series: One that is wedding driven and the other which focuses on unique and stylish events.

Brian is a graduate of the University of North Texas where he received Cum Laude recognition. He has parlayed his Radio/ Television/ and Film degree into a blueprint for creating unique events while achieving new levels of production styles. His early work with Entertainment Tonight, MTV, numerous award shows, personalities, and top entertainment companies provided the launching pad for his work to become synonymous with transforming ideas into innovative special events. Brian’s keen sense of style and his attention to detail have allowed his career to blossom… it provides him with the experience and knowledge to tackle diverse and exciting events. Worley’s experience has also put him in contact with all the key players in the industry including professional experts in the fields of sound design, venue selection, catering, lighting, décor installation, and show production.

Brian is focused on producing and designing events that are both GREEN and Eco-friendly. To this end, it is his mission “to prove that you can still create stunning events without the use of just burlap and granola”. The idea of REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE can be implemented by utilizing the 100 mile diet, organic and pesticide-free food, bio-diesel generators, rented furniture, recycled fabric, drapes and linens, and low watt and LED lighting to name a few; these ideas can not only help the earth, but, also make events better for a sustainable environment.

Worley’s expertise extends beyond the realm of event production into the world of marketing and advertising. This edge helps to bridge the flow from the initial event concept through production, product placement, and branding with trend setting style. His creativity, aesthetic awareness, logistical, and communicative skills, have provided him with a list of enthralled clients each of whom remembers their event as something absolutely unforgettable.

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