Why You Should Really Buy a Laptop With an SSD?

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All of us are used to laptops and desktop PCs with conventional HDD storage. SSD storage-based devices were an expensive proposition once upon a time, but now things have changed and SSD laptops and PCs are no longer just for those buyers with deep pockets. Solid State Drives (SSDs) are not only safer but are equally faster and more efficient.

A PC or laptop has many key components and most users are not aware of the importance of a storage device. The performance of the laptop or PC is highly reliant on the storage that the device has. It does not matter whether the laptop has an advanced graphics card, OS, and other software apps, because every single time you need to perform a task on the device, the software will need to retrieve information from the storage drive, which makes SSD or HDD vital.

Now let us discuss more on whether an SSD is a tempting option at the moment and what requires you to consider it seriously.

Solid State Drives

SSDs are completely different from that of the age-old mechanical hard disk drives, which have some flaws. SSDs use flash memory, as a result of which there are no small moving parts that are vulnerable to physical damage. There are a lot of benefits when you use an SSD laptop or desktop PC. We have compiled some of the key factors that make SSD a great value for proposition buy at this moment. Let us discuss more on these factors which should certainly make you consider seriously about buying an SSD PC or laptop.

1. Performance Metrics

Compared to HDD based devices, an SSD laptop or PC will be capable of delivering exemplary performance, one which all types of users would love to work with. The difference will also be quite obvious when you switch from an HDD laptop on to an SSD one. Loading times of all the different applications, browsers and other software features on the laptop will be cut down immensely, making it one of the best devices to work on. For example, a laptop which has 250GB HDD will enable you to open Google Chrome browser in around 14 seconds, whereas the same when switched with 250GB SSD, would have a loading time of just 1.1 seconds, which is lightning fast and best suited for those who are working hours together on their laptops and PCs.

2. Efficient Multitasking

Many systems, applications, and functions run in the background, as a result of which the overall performance and multitasking capability of the device will be hindered a lot. HDD will slow down the performance and the ability to multitask, which can be overcome quite efficiently with the use of SSD. You can perform multiple tasks at once and even run multiple functions in the background without facing any lag. Even an extensive user will only face a little or no lag while multitasking.

3. Battery Performance

Battery performance is one of the key factors, especially for those who are always on the move and might not get the opportunity to charge their laptop battery frequently. Compared to HDD, SSD is known to save a lot of power, since there are no moving parts in it. SSD laptops have the ability to run almost 25% more than that of an HDD under similar operating conditions.

4. Durability

Durability is one of the key assets to have on a laptop especially for users who travel a lot. HDD has moving parts; hence, it is prone to breakage caused by accidental falling and other accidents. An SSD has no such risk and is capable of running efficiently even after an accident. Flash memory of an SSD has no delicate moving parts, such as needles, disk, and so on, so you have durable storage onboard.

5. Ambient Temperature

As mentioned before, SSDs have flash memory and they don’t generate any heat due to the non-existence of moving parts. This ensures that the overall temperature of the laptop or PC remains under ambient conditions even after long-running hours. Rising temperatures are a risk not only for you but also for the laptop in general. Fan operation on an SSD laptop will also below, so you won’t be hearing those long hums anymore.

6. Storage

Some of you might have heard that SSDs don’t come in large storage formats, which is true, but it is a given that there won’t be any drawback because of that. SSDs are also flexible and can be used alongside an HDD, thereby making it user-friendly and secure. Some of the affordable models of SSD laptops come with a minimum storage capacity which might not be enough for extensive laptop users and gamers who need added storage space. However, there are some premium expensive models that do come with large storage space. Most users would be happy with a 128GB or 256GB SSD, which is ample enough for handling most duties.

7. Pricing

Now, this particular factor might be a different scenario because SSD based laptops are expensive compared to HDD models. Affordably priced models of SSD laptops are definitely there, which should be a great option. For the price you are paying, you will get a lot of exciting features, so this is certainly a value for your money and price should not be a concern.

8. Upgradability

SSD storage can be upgraded in your PC or laptop for sure in order to improve the overall performance of the device. The only thing you need to consider is the device capabilities because some devices come with SSD embedded in the motherboard and cannot be upgraded. Make sure that the upgrade matches your needs and expectations because some of them don’t. SSD upgrade on your PC or laptop is a technical task, so it is also essential to check the outcomes before making the upgrade.

9. Gaming Performance

SSD laptops and PCs offer great performance to enjoy your favorite games. Load times should be lower in order to achieve optimum performance when playing your favorite game. Seamless and efficient gaming performance will be appreciated by pro gamers and most of them would love SSD laptops for sure.

We have listed some of the key factors which should certainly make you consider buying or upgrading to an SSD laptop or PC. Price and storage space might be a concern for some, but that should not hinder you from buying an SSD laptop or PC. SSD laptops are no longer expensive like once they were, so now is the best time for you to upgrade to an SSD device.

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