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Why record shredding services in Charlotte are important

Posted: September 11, 2019 at 5:17 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Record shredding services in Charlotte, North Carolina are offered for the secure disposal of confidential documents and non-useful business records. These services cater to the needs of different industries such as personal businesses, medical facilities, financial companies, law firms and even home offices. Things can get quite busy in any office or professional environment and papers that need to be shredded can pile up fast. When you are overloaded with work, document shredding along with the safe disposal of sensitive information may be the last thing that comes to mind – but it’s a crucial endeavor that requires quick and effective handling. 

First, protection of sensitive information is a legal requirement. The data protection act and various laws states that it is in your best interest to safely and efficiently dispose of documents. Record shredding services also help you avoid issues such as crowded cabinets, identity theft and even corporate espionage. 

Here are some more reasons why record shredding services in Charlotte are important:

  • Preserving company and customer privacy

Your daily business trash could be monitored by identity thieves and even competitors. Without a proper protocol or program to control it, your daily business trash could pose a threat to your business. Daily records of memos, misprints, phone conversations and bid drafts cold expose some confidential aspects of your business and could be used against you. Every business is at risk of suffering the consequences of improper disposal of sensitive documents. The only way to mitigate potential damage and exposure is to ensure information is collected and disposed of securely.

  • Recycling is not an adequate alternative

Companies that recycle documents often use unscreened, low wage workers to extract the papers. These workers labor extensively, sorting through papers. Often, this activity is not closely monitored. The acceptable paper is stored for a certain period until there is more of that paper to sell in bulk to post-recycling entities. The sorted paper, on the other hand, is sold to the highest bidder. These buyers have no fiduciary responsibility over these papers; they could give them away or sell them. By so doing a company gives up its power over how the paper should be handled. This way there is no efficient or practical way of establishing exact date of paper destruction or if not destroyed by the recycling company. In the event of a legal dispute or audit you will need to provide a certificate of destruction something offered by record shredding services.

  • It is a business requirement

Information protection in every business is vital and you should regularly discard confidential information. These include price lists, emails, sales statistics and contact information. Security is on the top of business priorities. Corporate espionage is a major threat and improper disposal of your business paper documents or hard drives could have major consequences to your business. Records security comes second to employee health screening and is massively important to the top management. Such issues require attention, redesign and policy development. Giving away business information is similar to giving away money; from a business point of view it doesn’t make sense at all.

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