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Online business with help of RuneScape

Posted: September 11, 2019 at 5:34 pm / by / comments (0)

RuneScape is a massively multiplayer online game that was released on January 4, 2001. The game is developed by Jagex. Despite the fact that the game was released almost 18 years ago, it is still played by a lot of players daily. The game’s popularity can be seen from the fact that it has over 200 million accounts created and is recognized as the Guinness World Records as the world’s biggest and most updated free MMORPG.

Players get to experience the world of Gielinor home to various kingdoms, regions, and cities. Players have the luxury of traveling throughout the world of RuneScape, something which can be done on foot, through magical spells, and charter spells. All the regions are filled with different types of monsters and resources, and every region will offer a different set of quests. In short, you won’t get bored once you start playing the game.

In RuneScape 3, players can choose to go on different paths. For instance, they can become a warrior and go on epic journeys. And they can even become a merchant to deal with other merchants. Players from all over the world play the game and you will be able to interact with a lot of them. Just like every other MMORPG game, you will need RuneScape 3 Gold to survive in the game.

How to Make Money in RuneScape 3?

At first, becoming rich in RuneScape 3 can seem like a really difficult task. However, the process is not that much difficult, and you can start making some serious money if you follow the correct ways. That’s right, there exist some methods that can help you become rich in the game in no time. So, without any further due, here is how to easily make money in RuneScape 3. Keep in mind that while there are a lot of methods to make money, we will be talking about the easiest ones. You can even buy RuneScape Gold, but we will list down the free methods.

Selling Bronze Bars

To begin with, you can start making money in RuneScape 3 by selling Bronze Bars. To do that, you will first need to make them. You can do this by simply mining copper and tine ore, and then smelting both of them into bronze bars. Afterward, you can simply craft them into something that can be sold in the marketplace. The best place to min the above-mentioned materials is Varrock. This place will help you get enough of them.

Making Money Through Fishing

Another amazing method to make money is fishing. In RuneScape 3, fishing has helped many players with gaining a decent amount of money. The process is also not that much time consuming, and you will also have fun during it. To start fishing, you first need to get some fishing equipment. You can find a variety of different fishing items, so just go with items that suit your needs. Once you’re done with getting the right equipment, go to a river or sea and start fishing. Gather as many fish as you can and then sell them in the market. We will suggest you keep on fishing until your inventory gets full in order to secure maximum profit. Keep on repeating the process until either you’re tired or have made a lot of money.

Selling Chicken Feathers and Cow Hides

Another way you can make money in the game is through chickens and cows. For chickens, you can go to a chicken farm and kill some chickens to collect their feathers. We will suggest you visit the farm located in Lumbridge since it is filled with chickens. Once you’ve collected enough feathers, visit the Grand Exchange and sell them. For cows, you can visit a cow pasture and we will again suggest going to the one located in Lumbridge. Upon reaching this location, kill as many cows as you and collect the cowhide. Again, head to the Grand Exchange to sell it for a price.

Cutting Wood

Wood cutting can also help you with making a lot of money. All you need to do is get the best hatchet, got to a forest, chop down the biggest trees, and gather their logs. Afterward, take them to the marketplace where you will be able to sell them for a price.

These were some of the easiest and simplest ways to make money in RuneScape 3. You can follow any of them to make a lot of money. Keep in mind that there are various other methods available, but some of them can be really time-consuming.

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