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Why digital transformation is so important


Keith Hilden, Founder and Chairman of Relex, the world’s first real estate development cryptocurrency, designed to provide better and easier access to high-yield development projects around the world joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Keith Hilden discuss the following:

  1. Tell us about Relex and all it is doing for Digital Transformation?
  2. Explain in a bit more detail what exactly is digital transformation.
  3. Tell us about some of the projects that Relex is currently doing, and how this will help contribute to digital transformation.
  4. Why do you feel digital transformation is so important at this junction?  
  5. How will global adaption of digital transformation happen?

Keith Hilden, Founder and Chairman of Relex, has a Bachelor’s degree in Economic Crime Investigation and passed the Certified Fraud Examiner exam. He served at Wikistrat as Project Leader of the Cyber Security Research Unit and Researcher at the Asia Pacific Economy unit and was recognized for his work with governments and Fortune 500 corporations.

Keith possesses multiple years of experience in investment advisory across Southeast Asia, speaks both Chinese and Vietnamese, and has been committed over the years towards improving bilateral trade and investment between the US and Vietnam. Keith has also been involved with crypto since 2011, and understands the nuances of the digital asset class.



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