Why an AI Platform is the Better AI Solution

This article is about machine learning, deep learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Ai platforms, but don’t let that scare you.

According to IBM, sixty-six percent of businesses have significantly increased their income thanks to some form of AI. This article will guide you through all the different AI applications and explain why an AI platform is the best AI solution for your business.

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What is an AI platform?

The main difference between a standard piece of software and an AI-powered program, bot, or service is that Artificial Intelligence can grow further. AI, such as an AI bot platform, can grow, adapt and learn thanks to machine learning.

But, that is just one side of the ordeal. To prosper, AI needs to rely on a set of services throughout its machine learning life cycle. AI can prepare and gather data, analyze it and accept a specific training model that the AI must test before it is applied.

We call the set of services meant to support machine learning an AI platform. The platform is the support system of the entire process, the essential part that helps it grow and bloom.

What can an AI platform do?

Artificial Intelligence platforms involve the use of machines to perform the tasks ordinarily done by humans. The platforms simulate the cognitive function of human minds. They are capable of problem-solving, learning, reasoning, social intelligence as well as a form of general intelligence.

AI platforms can analyze, organize, access, and even give advice based on a range of available information.

These platforms make it easier to develop intelligent applications, including intelligent assistants.

The technology components of AI software platforms include text analytics, rich media analytics, tagging, searching, machine learning, data categorization, and so much more.

Benefits of using an AI platform

An AI platform makes it possible for your business to achieve its maximum efficiency by providing numerous benefits.

Ai is taking over redundant tasks, providing deeper insights into data for better decisions, providing efficient data management capabilities, and more.

Recent innovations in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have allowed organizations to scale their business with the growing needs and supplied them with the much-needed insight to do so.

It can help minimize costs in several significant ways – preventing duplication of effort, automating simple tasks, and eliminating some expensive activities, such as copying or extracting data.

AI giants

It is easy to see why all the tech world’s major players have joined in on AI action.

For instance, Amazon has an Amazon Comprehend tool that can analyze documents, social media posts, or other text sources to extract their meaning. There are also Amazon Web Services, Amazon Lex, Amazon Translate, and more.

Microsoft Azure’s Machine Learning Studio can discover patterns and connections that we humans might miss. It is used to detect credit card fraud but also to predict trends and even prices.

Watson from IBM is an AI platform that does more than just text analysis. It can convert audio to text and even extract the visual content of an image or photo.

Google offers Google Cloud, a set of tools and services that includes computing, data storage, data analytics, and machine learning.

Why do AI platforms matter?

Well-made AI platforms make AI and analytics tools easier to use, so they are essential. AI platforms help democratize and productize ML models by providing tools for managing the end-to-end machine learning life cycle.

AI platforms come with an easy-to-use interface designed to simplify user interactions for less-specialized technical personnel.

Without them, the difficulty of use would limit AI technology’s influence since a higher share of resources would be spent on building and maintaining models.

To put it simply, AI platforms make artificial intelligence more approachable and much easier to use. They offer an easy way to harness AI’s full power by anyone with a bit of technical knowledge.

On top of it all, AI platforms can learn, grow and adapt. This means that an AI platform can grow with you and your business and scale and adapt to your needs.

The future of AI in business is uncertain, but one thing is for sure – AI platforms are here to stay and to make our lives much easier along the way.

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