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How Artificial Intelligence Has Become A True Extension of Ourselves

Posted: July 17, 2018 at 5:21 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Peter Voss, the Founder and CEO of Aigo, a pioneer and an industry leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence, commonly called AI joins Enterprise Radio. His expertise and innovations continue to change the way we look at AI.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Peter Voss discuss the following:

  1. Can you please tell us about what artificial intelligence really is and how it works?
  2. Your company Aigo is doing great things. Can you explain what you are doing and how it will have a big impact on the way we function long-term?
  3. You are both an expert and a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence. It has come so far, but really still has a long way to go. What should we expect in the future from Aigo and others?
  4. Why is the field of AI so incredibly important?
  5. What else would you like our listeners to know about Aigo and what advice would you give them for their personal intelligence needs?

Peter Voss is a Serial Entrepreneur, Engineer, Inventor and a Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence. Coined the term ‘AGI’ (Artificial General Intelligence) with fellow luminaries in the space in 2001.

Started in electronics engineering, then fell in love with software. First major success was developing a comprehensive ERP package and taking that company from zero to 400-person IPO in seven years.

Most recent exit was from the first AGI-based call center automation company that Peter Voss founded where the first generation of Aigo technology is successfully commercialzied.

 Fueled by the fragile nature of software, embarked on a journey 20 years ago to studying what intelligence is, how it develops in humans, how is it different from animal intelligence, and the current state of AI. This research culminated in the creation of our natural language intelligence engine that can think, learn, and reason — and adapt to, and grow with the user.

Peter is now focused on commercializing the second generation of our ‘Conversational AI’ technology ‘Aigo’ that is more like ‘Her’ and less like ‘Dory’.

Imagine a super-smart Alexa/ Siri/ Google Assistant-like app or device that actually remembers what you told it previously; can hold lengthy conversations; can interact with other assistants, devices, and apps; and that can learn new domains, new skills, new facts and preferences via natural conversation in English. A truly intelligent assistant where you are the customer, not the product?

Finally, this personal AI becomes smarter and more personalized as it learns from you and your network (people, devices, other AIs), essentially becoming your cognitive extension, your ExoCortex.

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