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Whole-Health Wellness through MINDFULNESS, MOVEMENT AND BREATH

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Diane L. MacDonald

Diane L. MacDonald the Founder of It Takes A Village Wellness and A Woman Alive, Inc. joins Entrepreneurial Fit Radio to discuss whole-health wellness through mindfulness, movement and breath.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Diane L. MacDonald discuss the following:

  1.  What do you mean by “Whole-Health” Wellness?
  2. Can you explain more ABOUT THE 7 ZONES OF HUMAN POTENTIAL?
  3. Where do Mindfulness, Movement and Breath fit in? Can you define each of these for us?
  4. Can you give us an illustration of how mindfulness can support, for example, better Emotional Health?
  5. Tell us about The Wellness Connection quiz?
  6. What added benefits would there be of cultivating a whole-health Wellness within a company.

Diane L MacDonald is a mother, teacher, entrepreneur, healer, coach, yoga teacher and motivator. Her life’s path has been one of continual learning and discovery. Diane’s work has always been about inspiring others to take risks, to live in possibility and to their fullest potential.

She is passionate about building communities to educate, support and heal.  It Takes A Village Wellness is a result of that passion and provides Diane with a home base for teaching yoga, working with private yoga clients and doing life transition coaching.

Diane’s studies and training have included a Masters in Education, Coaching Training Institute, Neuro-linguistic Programming practitioner, Brain Gym as well as being an E-RYT yoga instructor with over 1000 hours of teaching.  She recently attended a Therapeutic Yoga Intensive Training to help support individuals with Chronic Pain, Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

Diane is also a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT) and the creator of MIND BODY BREATH an Elementary and Middle School Curriculum delivering mindfulness, movement and breath to teachers for easy integration into our classrooms and the daily lives of our students.

Diane is the Director and Co-Founder of Education Alive offering Professional Development for the Education Community and Businesses – a project that is fueled by her driving desire is to bring mindfulness, movement, breath and social emotional well-being strategies to businesses, schools and communites everywhere.

8 years ago Diane founded A Woman Alive, a company dedicated to supporting women to as they move from one life stage to another, explore a shift in career path, encounter changes in relationship status or a desire to improve their health.

Diane’s broad range of education and expertise, her personal knowledge of holistic healing and her deep and intuitive compassion for others continually drives her to share, to teach and to help others empower themselves to discover Whole-Health Wellness and live a life that feels truly *ALIVE.

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