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What’s Really Going On with Women in the Workplace?

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Posted: August 5, 2015 at 8:26 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Bonnie Low-Kramen

Bonnie Low-Kramen, bestselling author of Be the Ultimate Assistant and a workplace expert again joins Enterprise Radio. Bonnie is here to discuss, “What’s Really Going On with Women in the Workplace?”

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Bonnie Low-Kramen discuss the following:

  • You write and speak a great deal on this subject of women in the workplace and workplace bullying and say that the two topics are connected. What exactly is workplace bullying and why is it a problem?
  • We hear so much about bullying in the schools in our country and recently there have been more articles about workplace bullying, specifically about women in technology. What is your take on what is going on?
  • What are the costs to companies for allowing bullying and uncivil behaviors to go unchecked?
  • What are the ways entrepreneurs can handle incivility in their offices?
  • In your work training assistants all over the world, what are you doing to support staff to end workplace bullying?

Duration: 15:40

Bonnie Low-Kramen is the CEO/Founder of Ultimate Assistant and is one of the most respected leaders in the administrative profession. The bestselling author of Be the Ultimate Assistant, she is known for her passionate commitment to being a catalyst for positive change in the global workplace. For 25 years, Bonnie worked as the Personal Assistant to Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis and now travels the world teaching and speaking. Clients include Starbucks, Amazon, AMC Entertainment, Dell, MasterCard and many more.

Bonnie co-hosts the monthly “Be the Ultimate Assistant Podcast” with Vickie Sokol Evans available on iTunes. By popular demand in 2015, Bonnie will be returning to Executive Secretary LIVE in Dubai, Johannesburg, and London and the Behind Every Leader Conference in Portland, Oregon. She is a columnist for Executive Secretary Magazine and SmartCEO Magazine, and is a contributing writer to many other international publications. With trademark honesty and humor, she pulls the curtain back so that we can all lean in and excel at the very highest levels. For more information:

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