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What it takes to be a test-taker

Posted: November 30, 2019 at 7:06 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Taking a test makes more of us feel anxious and stressed and for a good reason. It is never easy to be expected to work to the maximum of your capabilities and take full advantage of your skills and potential. That is why when it comes to this, we prepare ourselves accordingly, try to get as much sleep as possible and of course prepare our mind and psychology as well as possible. Sometimes we thrive, sometimes we fail. Anyways, that is real life and we have to cope with this. 

Nevertheless, there is a kind of examination when most of these preparations are not that needed since it does not last long and it does not require any prior knowledge or preparation. That special method of exam is usability testing. It is rather different than any other sort of testing and-the best of all-you are paid for taking it! Did you expect that? Of course, you didn’t, but it could not be truer. But is it so simple to sit for a usability test? Or are there some prerequisites that and demands you must meet? Well, the truth is somewhere in the middle.


So, how about taking a closer look to that process? First things first, you will not be judged on any memorized knowledge or something similar. It is a test, but not of your capabilities. You are the one who is going to test a website promoting some services or products. Test takers browse through the indicated sites, choose among the wide range of options the items they would buy and they move further ceasing just one step before submitting the actual order. Throughout the whole procedure you must be commenting on the user-friendliness of the menu and the quality or the prices of the products on offer. Apart from that, bear in mind that there is a scenario to be followed, but you must express your opinion and speak your mind as honestly, freely and objectively as possible. You are the means so that the site gets improved in the future so your opinion, as a realistic user of it, could not be appreciated more.


For a start, if you want to become such a participant, you will need to dedicate ten to twenty minutes of your valuable time for it. That is approximately how long a usability testing lasts each and every time you launch it. In order to complete it you have to use some special equipment which is though inexpensive and more or less easy to get these days. In short, you are going to need a laptop or a smartphone. Who doesn’t own at least one of these in our high-tech world? I guess all of you do. Apart from that, your device has to run on Windows or IOS environment. A microphone is vital as well but most laptops already include one so you do not have to bother that much. In any case, purchasing one will not cost you an arm and a leg as far as I am concerned.  


As with any sort of applicants, you must maintain some virtues that will help you stand out from the crowd. But what are those special prerequisites you will need to be employed comparing to other potential competitors? Firstly, your native language shall be a common one. If that is not the case, you might as well be a fluent speaker of English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese or any other widely-spoken language. Secondly, you must go through an initial test successfully so that the employers know that you are expressive and detailed enough. Otherwise, you will never be sent actual examinations and it goes without saying that you will not get paid either. Last but not least, just reading what you see or only giving dithyrambic reviews will not take you anywhere.

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