What industries did the coronavirus affect?

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The coronavirus, a deadly virus resulted in nationwide lockdowns across the globe, including in the United States, China, and the United Kingdom. The coronavirus still is not over, but things are beginning to look up.

More and more businesses have been given the green light to re-open should they choose, with many of these forced to close in March at the earliest as a result of the virus.

For many small business owners, not only in America but across the globe, the virus has forced its doors to close for good. This has affected numerous industries, many going out of business and others stood on the sidelines with both hope and ambition to a return of a somewhat “new normal”. 

This article will discuss what industries were affected by the coronavirus and their response to the pandemic.

Bauer Hockey

According to the NY Times, various businesses across Canada stepped up to the plate and began manufacturing much-needed medical equipment.

For the hockey equipment specialist, Bauer, they began making medical face shields, given their expertise in the visor field. 

Assembly lines selflessly used to create further PPE

Various businesses made the decision to use their assembly lines to create PPE for Canadian frontline workers. The same applied to other countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom.

For example, the designer brand Louis Vuitton started making handwash, Mercedes began work on a new breathing-aid device for those with the virus, and many small businesses sowed, printed, and designed face masks for frontline workers and those considered vulnerable.

The gambling industry

Online Gambling has been on the rise for a while, not only in Canada but across the world. 

During the coronavirus, casinos across the world, much like many other industries were forced to close their doors.

Keen punters continued to hit the slots online, however, for most it’s wasn’t the same, they preferred the proper “casino experience”. 

If anything, the recent events of the coronavirus increased the popularity of online gambling. With people with more time on their hands, this is unsurprising. For some, this provided a release from the hectic and still fairly uncertain days or weeks ahead, providing somewhat familiarity during these unprecedented times. 

Many punters headed to the Dreamz online Casino, home to various casino games, slots, and table games.

Now, casinos are beginning to re-open, much like many other businesses. No doubt with new rules and safety measures in place, but at least this is a sign of a return to a somewhat normal time.

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