What Exterior Building Painting Can Do For Your Sales Numbers

If you’re a business owner with a physical location, the issue of exterior building painting likely comes up every few years. You probably see it as an inconvenience, but a fresh paint job might be more powerful than you think. One trend that you often see in business is that little, seemingly inconsequential changes can make a substantial difference in your sales numbers. One of those changes that business owners are often surprised by is commercial exterior painting. Below, we explain why.

First Impressions are Everything

One thing you learn in the business world is that first impressions are everything. If you fail to make a positive impact, you are unlikely to get a second chance. Many business owners that sell a product or service know this, which is why they make sure to treat new customers as well as possible. What they do not know is that first impressions are often made before you even get face to face with the customer. The reason for this is that many of them will form an opinion about your company as soon as they see your building. When they do, they will have a tainted view of your company, or they will pass on you entirely. 

Appearance is Part of Your Brand

When you created your business, you probably spent a fair amount of time and money working on a name and logo for your brand. Next, you created products, services, and company policies to back it up. This was a smart decision because, in the business world, your brand is everything. Unfortunately, the most insignificant factors can destroy its credibility. If your building is dirty or has chipped paint, customers will associate that shoddy appearance with your brand. Once the damage is done, it is hard to change people’s minds. 

Aesthetics Reflect Your Product

Just like with your brand, a bad looking exterior will also reflect on your product. There is a reason why luxury stores spend so much money and time creating an ambiance of opulence. The reason is that products are not just products. Instead, they are made partially by the story people tell about them. If you surround your product or service with a clean appearance, people are more likely to enjoy it, even if the product itself is the same no matter what. 

Increased Productivity

Scientific studies have proven that environmental factors have a significant effect on productivity. That means you need to revamp the interior of your building, but you should also focus on its exterior. You and your employees should feel proud and inspired when you look at your place of work. If your exterior is sub-par, this will not be the case. The result will be decreased productivity for you and your team. 


Most industries feature the same hierarchy: A few businesses at the top get the vast majority of the profit, and everyone else fights for the rest. What this means is that you must do whatever you can to become a company with authority. To do this, you need to be excellent in every aspect of your business. That includes the aesthetics of your building. 


No matter what you do, there are probably scores of other companies that do the exact same thing. They may have the same quality of products as you, keep similar policies, and be on your level in every way. In these situations, you need to get creative about differentiating yourself. One great way to do so is to improve the appearance of your business.

If you want to get the most out of your business, everything you do needs to be close to perfect. That applies to the integral parts of your business, such as the quality of your product or service, but it also means optimizing less obvious aspects too. One of those supplemental features is the quality of your exterior appearance. If you are in need of a fresh coat, don’t hesitate to find an excellent provider and go forward with the job. You never know just how much it could do for your business. 

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