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Can you imagine your day without the essential daily items? From the time when you wake up early in the morning to the time you go back to sleep, there are hundreds of items that you use every day and cannot imagine your day without them. From toothbrush, toothpaste to soaps and detergents, there are a lot more things on which you are deeply dependent for your survival.

Here Souq comes to your rescue and brings with it the best exciting offers for you on these daily essentials.  All the items that are required for your needs can be easily availed on this site at an affordable price with heavy discount offers. Souq gives you the freedom to choose from the widest range of products.

Here is the list of items that you can avail from Souq under exciting deals.  Hurry up and grab more!

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Dettol Original Skin Wipes – Pack of 3 Pieces (3 x 40’s) 

Dettol brings you the pack of anti-Bacterial Original Skin Wipes that provide the best protection from germs for your skin. These skin wipes are easy to carry and can be used anywhere. These wipes not only provide protection against germs but also moisturizes your skin deeply. Dettol Wipes provides instant clean up and soothes your hands, face and neck. They can be used at home, in car, office or on holiday. Avail this amazing pack of skin wipes under the exciting offers only on Souq.

Vanish Gold Pink Multi-Purpose Cleaning Liquid – 900 Ml

Avail the best formula to fight stains, a bottle of Vanish that cleanses the clothes with the utmost care. It is free from chlorine bleach and removes tough dried-in stains effectively. It ensures the stain-free laundry from the very first time of its use. This 900 ml bottle is a miraculous liquid which helps you in removing all types of stains, ranging from the ones that are clearly visible, including some tough stains, to the smaller stains that might escape your notice during the wash. Vanish Liquid is safe to use on both colored and white clothes. Just add this stain removal liquid to all your washes!

Nairn’s Dark Chocolate Chip Oat Biscuits – 200gm

Feeling hungry? Here we have a delicious pack of chocolate and whole grain oats, the exclusive Nairn’s Dark Chocolate Oat biscuits. This tasty and healthy biscuit contains only 45 calories per biscuit and 40% less sugar than the average sweet biscuit.
Get this pack of tasty snacks at an exciting offer on Souq. Make your hunger worth waiting with this Nairn’s chocolate biscuit.

Nutella Spread, 750 g

Nutella is the most preferred item of all times. It is made up of quality ingredients like selected hazelnuts and delicious cocoa. It makes your taste buds happy with its overwhelming taste. It is free from any kind of artificial color and preservatives. Nutella can be spread over bread, bun, chapati or on any eatable that you prefer. It helps a mom in making breakfast tastier and more enjoyable for kids.
Apart from its delicious taste, it also offers a sensorial experience that creates a moment of joy for the entire family. So hurry up! Get this amazing Nutella spread and make every moment memorable.

Dove Relaxing Ritual Lavender Body Wash, 250ml 

Under the various exciting offers by Souq, the all-new Dove relaxing Ritual Lavender body wash brings a moment of relief for its customer. This body wash is inspired by the beauty rituals of French women. This soft and relaxing cream shower provides you with soothing fragrance pampered as a timeout for body and mind. The best thing about this body wash is that it is suitable for all skin types. It not only relaxes your body but also makes it softer with a beautiful long-lasting odour.

Harpic Power Plus Liquid Toilet Cleaner – Original, 3 x 1L

Harpic is the most popular name among the toilet cleaner product. The all-new Harpic Powerplus is 5X more powerful than the ordinary bleach based cleaners. It will remove even the toughest stains from your toilet. It is the most powerful weapon to fight toilet stains. Its unique thick formula gives you better bowl coverage. It kills all the germs that are hidden even in the most difficult places in its single application. With the Harpic power plus you can ensure your toilet is left thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Gillette Series Sensitive Shaving Foam, 250ml

The brand new Gillette Series Sensitive Skin Shaving Foam provides a close and comfortable shave for even the most sensitive skin. It helps you look more than a gentleman and gives you a very decent image. It hydrates, protects and refreshes the skin with its natural fragrance. The aloe hydrates the skin for easy cutting and enables an incredible glide. It gives you the best shaving experience and is also easily used by the naive shavers.

Air Wick Pure Freshmatic Refill – Cherry Blossom, 3 x 250 ml

The powerful fragrance of Air wick Pure Freshmatic refreshes every corner of your home. It not only covers up bad smell but also provides a decent and lively odour. It actually removes the bad odour and leaves a clean and refreshing fragrance.

The fine mist instantly helps you to eliminate the unpleasant smell and freshens the air so that your home feels inviting and alive. Make your home and your mood soothing with the Air Wick Freshmatic Refill.

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