Visure, Your Requirements Management Platform

Fernando Valera, the CTO at Visure Solutions, an all-in-one requirements management ALM platform supports requirements management, test management, bug and issue tracking, change management, risk management and variant management joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Fernando Valera discuss the following:

  1. What is Visure Solutions? 
  2. Visure plans to offer a comprehensive ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) Platform to support full Standard Compliance later this spring. What is an ALM platform? 
  3. Can you please give me more details on the new features and how will this enhanced platform benefit customers?
  4. How will the new features boost standard compliance and solution economics for engineering requirements of safety-critical and business-critical systems?
  5. How is this new ALM platform unique (are there others in the industry that are similar)?
  6. Are there certain industries that would benefit the most from this enhanced ALM platform?
  7. You are also recently opening offices in the United States and abroad. Tell us about those locations and your expansion plans. 
  8. Do you have plans to open any additional offices in the future?

Fernando Valera is part of the founding team of Visure Solutions and currently holds the position of CTO. He relocated to Silicon Valley in 2012, where he leads the development of innovative solutions for safety-critical and regulated environments, primarily in the space of requirements management and product development. With more than 17 years experience in requirements management and entrepreneurship he works closely with customers worldwide to solve the needs of complex product delivery.

Mr. Valera holds a Degree in Computer Engineering by the Complutense University of Madrid (2003). In 2010, he became a Certified Professional in Requirements Engineering (CPRE) by the German International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) which entitles him to provide CPRE trainings worldwide, and in 2016 he successfully completed a degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Stanford University.

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