Visure, recipient of the Gold Medalist Award for their requirements management tool two years in a row

Dr. Moustapha Tadlaoui, the CEO of Visure Solutions, Inc. an all-in-one requirements management ALM platform supports requirements management, test management, bug and issue tracking, change management, risk management and variant management joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Dr. Moustapha Tadlaoui discuss the following:

  1. What is the mission and vision of Visure Solutions? 
  2. You talk about having an easy to use Requirements Management ALM platform. Who is the ideal customer base for this platform and tell us more about the use for a  Requirements Management platform. 
  3. Visure also just received the Gold Medalist Award and scoring the number one requirements management tool two years in a row. Why do you think Visure’s product has scored consistently with these award rankings and who was this award presented by? 
  4. How is Visure continuing to drive product innovation? 
  5. How does your company’s recent hires/expansion help facilitate that market? 
  6. You are also recently opened offices in the United States and abroad. Tell us about those locations and your expansion plans. 
  7. Do you have plans to open any additional offices in the future? 
  8. What about any new hires in the near future? 
  9. Describe the importance of customer satisfaction in this industry and how Visure continues to deliver that in its products? 
  10. Where can companies find more information about Visure Solutions if they would like to partner with you?

Dr. Moustapha Tadlaoui is member of the founding team of Visure Solutions, Inc. As the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Tadlaoui has set the corporate vision and mission for Visure Solutions, Inc. The requirements ALM Platform company, which is focused on driving strategic business growth through the expansion of comprehensive sample management solutions, the development of strategic partnerships and the growth of business operations within North America and for the rest of the world.

Prior to joining Visure Solutions, Inc, Dr. Tadlaoui spent nearly a decade with LDRA Technologies, Inc. a leading provider of software test and verification toolset. As vice president of sales, Moustapha established the LDRA brand first in the US and then in South America in the heavily regulated markets of avionics, defense, medical, and automotive where software testing is critical in proving software reliability.

Dr. Tadlaoui had a proven track record of sales and revenue growth serving as the head of sales and marketing. In these roles, he was responsible for overseeing multiple lines of management, leading market expansion into new industry sectors and geographies, developing partnerships and introducing new product line in the organization. 

Previous to this, Moustapha co-founded ATTOL Testware in France, a software testing company for embedded and real-time systems. He then went on to launch and develop ATTOL’s European business, building revenue and customer base and leading the company through its acquisition by Rational Software Corporation (now IBM Rational) in 2001. After successfully transitioning ATTOL technology to Rational offices in the US, Australia, and Japan, Moustapha, an entrepreneur at heart, created and set up US offices for LDRA.

Within these organizations he has managed a significant number of operational staff in the areas of corporate business development, sales and marketing.

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