Various industries who are accepting Bitcoin payments

There is a BTC revolution for a decade and is grabbing the attention of the financial sector. It is allowing people to make cashless payments. Few are carrying out bitcoin trading, and many businesses are accepting bitcoin as one of the payment modes. Since 2017, there are many countries and companies which have made it legal to accept bitcoins for goods and services that are offered by them. If you are interested in bitcoins you can get more information here at 

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Few of them include:

Online stores

Majority of the online stores are adding bitcoin as the payment mode. The best example is Microsoft. This added bitcoin mode of payment to its payments list in 2014. Now the shoppers can use bitcoins to pay various Microsoft products such as apps, videos, games and other services offered by the company happily. The bitcoins are creating a revolution in the online world.  There are many other top companies which are accepting this mode of payment, and soon many more would get into this bandwagon.

Hotels and restaurants

The popularity of bitcoin payment is increasing at a brisk pace. The hotels and restaurants, including the travel agencies, are accepting bitcoins as a mode of payment. There are a few travel companies which have tied up with the cryptocurrency exchanges to accept bitcoin as one of the payment methods. However, there are only a few bars and restaurants who are accepting bitcoin as the payment mode, and one can see the improvement of using bitcoins going forward. You do not be surprised to see many restaurants and local bars accepting bitcoins in the coming few years.

Online casinos

The gaming and entertainment companies, including the casinos, are accepting bitcoins to make deposits. The gamblers prefer to use bitcoins as it keeps their identity anonymous than another mode of online transactions. When you bet with bitcoins, it offers you safe and secure transactions. The best part of using bitcoins is that it allows you to keep a close watch on the bets you are making in the casino through blockchain. Many casino operators are accepting bitcoin payments as the best alternative to a cash payment or online payments. There are a few casino operators who only accept bitcoins as it is considered to be the quickest and safest way to transact money.


Few big charities are accepting the funds from people through bitcoins. The bitcoin contribution is safe and fast. The bitcoins are opted by many donors as it helps them to track the amount of money they are donating every year and the amount of money they are spending on donations through the bitcoin ledger. The bitcoin would cut down the transaction expenses, so there is a lot of money that goes into the charity. The bitcoins would change the way the charities are functioning today. There are a few charities that are connecting the donors who are making payment through bitcoins together. Bitcoin is the diverse currency whose value is growing at a brisk pace today. Many experts are seeing the future in this digital currency and are using a bitcoin wallet to keep the funds safe and secure.

Automotive industry

The automotive industry is also used bitcoins as there are a lot of complications involved in this industry when it comes to logistics. There are thousands of parts that are shipping every day, and there is a lot of paperwork that has to be done. The blockchain-based payment methods would make the process smoothly, without any bumps. Many automotive stores are using bitcoins. People who would like to buy cars can turn up to the sites that are specialized in crypto car shopping.

Food industry

This is quite interesting that you can now pay for your snacks through bitcoins. There are a few food vendors and small to big restaurants owners who are accepting payment through bitcoins. There are plenty of venues who are happy to accept this mode of payment. Now, clients can enjoy their favourite food by paying through cryptocurrencies. The famous fast-food chains and takeaways are using bitcoins.

Travel industry

One of the popular American travel agencies has started to accept bitcoin payment. Today, clients can use bitcoins to book their flight and hotel accommodation globally.

These are a few industries who are accepting the bitcoin payments. 

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