5 Things You Should Figure Out Before Opening a Restaurant

If you’ve always had a passion for food, and the pandemic has you reassessing your future, you may have found that opening a restaurant is a dream of yours that you’d like to pursue. Having a top-notch restaurant can be very rewarding when the good reviews come pouring in.

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With extra time on your hands, you have the brainpower and bandwidth to make plans for your restaurant that are unique, exciting, and will catch the attention of your future customers. Before you sign a lease for your building there are a couple of matters you’ll want to consider first. Here are five important things you should figure out before opening a restaurant.

What are the essentials you’ll need for your restaurant?

Before opening your restaurant, you need to make sure you’ve taken into consideration what kind of equipment you’ll need and budget accordingly. Specifically purchasing commercial restaurant appliances is important; because they’re designed to handle the storage and volume according to your flow of customers. To ensure that you’re purchasing high-quality appliances, consider buying from Go Food Service.

Go Food Service will have all of your commercial appliances needs all in one place. From heavy equipment like commercial ovens and refrigerators down to the little details, like serving baskets and flatware, you’ll be surprised by all of your options. With thirty years of experience, this company will help you find what suits your restaurant and can offer you innovative products that have evolved with the food industry.

How will you secure your location?

The safety of your business is integral to its success, which is why you need to pick a security system that has a great track record. Much like the home security breaches you hear about on the news, your business could also fall victim, if you don’t choose your security system wisely. Although there are ways to help safeguard a lesser system, consider using cloud security cameras that have never been hacked.

Verkada is an enterprise-level surveillance company that has never been breached, because their storage is not only stored within each camera, but also on the cloud. Their use of end-to-end encryption is also useful in defeating and deterring hackers.

Outside of their hyper security, Verkada beats competitors, because once your business is booming and you’re able to open another location, you’ll be able to add cameras at a low cost to the new location, and still manage both locations in one place. You can also set user permission and share your live feed via text, email, or website if necessary. Don’t leave your security up to chance. Make an informed planned and keep your business safe.

What’s your vision?

If opening a restaurant is a dream of yours, do you know what kind of food you want to serve? The choices you make in terms of food will also influence the atmosphere you create for your guests. If you’re not the one making the food, whom do you want to hire to make the magic in the kitchen happen? Having a strong vision will set your business up for success. Just remember that your vision needs to fit within a budget.

What sets you apart from the rest?

If you’re interested in making Italian cuisine, you should check out the competition in the surrounding areas. What are their strengths and weaknesses? How does your vision differ from restaurants that could have similarities? Figure out a way to make customers come to you over all the others.

How many people do you need on your staff?

Nothing is worse than when a restaurant opens and it’s understaffed and the staff is undertrained. Consider doing soft openings for friends and family in the weeks before opening, so that everyone is ready to go when the general public comes. First impressions are everything.

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