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Traveling: How it can upgrade you as a person

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Whenever you come out of your apartment, you see different obstacles and overcome them. It can be your bus being delayed and the need to call a taxi or ask your friend to give you a lift, or the fact that you got up late and now need to find a good spot to get your snack and coffee at. Next, you’ll have to find a way to do a lot of work in a small amount of time, and before you know it, get the last bus back to your house. Sure, every day varies. Birthdays, anniversaries, parties – it makes everything harder for you.

Well, take that daily experience and make it 300% or 500% – you’ll get a good journey. It’s a lot harder to deal with things when you’re traveling, especially if it’s a foreign country or a completely different state. What are the top points that will improve for you after you start traveling? Let’s explore. 

  • Being socially active

You start talking to people more or interacting with strangers in any way. It doesn’t matter if you go to the other city or country with your friends or family members, or even alone – you’ll undoubtedly have to ask locals essential questions that will help you survive. And if you’re going alone, you’ll simply feel too lonely with so many experiences around you, so it’s nice to have a new partner on your journey. This person can guide you or keep your things when you need to visit a restroom, after all. A lot of travelers say they feel more outgoing after years of trips.

  • Gaining experience

Of course, when you get to see and try so many things around the world, you speak with a bunch of other people on your way, and you get better at conversations. Now you know how buses work in England, and how much you pay for food in India, or you’re not afraid of bungee jumping anymore, and heights are nothing for you. While all those changes happen, you get more experienced than your peers, and you learn about the world, not just from the internet or books at school.

  • Losing materialistic standards

What would you take with you when you go around the world? One suitcase? Two? Amount of thing you take will for sure change according to your destination, but it will also become smaller and smaller every time. You’re not scared of leaving things behind, and by the time you come home, you’ll learn to pass your day without some of your past essentials. That’s extremely useful for people who own a lot of things at home, and who feel that it weighs them down. Trips to various places will help you be happy by being minimalistic.

  • Boosting your confidence

You come back home from the new journey, and now you have so much in your mind. You’ve seen a real shark, you got to swim with colorful fishes, and you rode an elephant. The foods you got to try were delicious, and you learned a good amount of foreign language. People loved you because you were so outgoing and made them feel comfortable. You feel content and proud of yourself. That’s how travel boosts your confidence, with just a week abroad you’re not that insecure anymore, or even forgot about your weak points. 

  • Adapting to new changes

The main way people react to a missed bus or canceled flight is feeling despair, going into panic mode, getting angry or even fighting people who have no idea how to help you even if they want to. When you experience so many holidays abroad, you get used to situations like that, and you don’t even react properly. You’ll adapt and find new ways to carry on with your day. Can’t get a room in the hotel because they made a mistake? Drop it and find a new place to stay the night. Go party or contact your old friend. It’s easy, but you have to get used to keeping cool.

  • Learning new languages

You understand how hard it is to travel when you have no idea how to communicate with foreign people. English is not always suitable at all the countries, unfortunately, and even Chinese won’t help you even if it’s the most popular language nowadays. Yes, maybe you learned French or Spanish in school, but you don’t remember anything. At each journey, you’ll have to know the base phrases, and the more you visit these destinations, the more you’ll learn. Being around native speakers can turn you multilingual if you just try a little bit while being on holiday.

  • Finding new hobbies

Sometimes, due to our own way of life and the region we live in we didn’t get to experience new things. For example, when you don’t have an ocean with huge waves, you don’t know what surfing is and how fun it can be. The same happened when your childhood wasn’t as exciting, and you didn’t have roller skates. Maybe your teenage years were going through without you riding a skateboard with your peers? That’s not a problem if you’re an explorer, because you’ll get to do so many new things abroad and you’ll find a new hobby you’re interested in for sure.

  • Building a fit body

Going around the world is a perfect opportunity to become healthier. And if you won’t build up a lot of muscles as if you’ve been visiting the gym, you’ll get to lose some of the fat you don’t want to have and get your body more muscular and strong. With constant walking around the city or town, trying exciting active sports and being overall active, your heart will become stronger, and the brain will get a huge boost. It’s best not to spend money on public transport, too. 

  • Maintaining good mental health

People can get depressed easily when they are living in one location, and a lot of studies prove that just an act of planning an upcoming trip can make a person beyond happy, even happier than buying something. If you’ve even gone on one, you know how excited and nervous you get before you leave. Well, the relaxed state of your mind will make it even better after you arrived. Every step in your little holiday is actively improving your mental health.

  • Raising your creativity level

If you look at famous creative people, you’ll understand that most of them go to other cities and places a whole lot. That’s because all the new experiences spark inspiration and creativity in you, and it’s scientifically proven that new scents, tastes, and sounds make your brain expands to new unseen thoughts. That’s also the reason why writers and artists, and even students try to create outside, for example in a park – changing the place you’re used to greatly impacts your body as a whole.

To conclude, after every journey you may notice that your outlook always develops, and you become better after every trip, for sure. Start traveling and you will appreciate the finer things in life.

My name is Erica Fleming. I support the effective adoption of new technologies or ways of working within writing by communicating complex information in an informative and inspiring way. I’m fond of writing articles for students, helping with essays like prejudice essays

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