Top tip for getting workouts in with a random schedule

Top tip for getting workouts in with a random schedule

with Joey Atlas

Exercise Physiologist, Joey Atlas the Author of Fatness to Fitness; and a fitness consultant specializing in bodyweight training for men and women, with over 22 years in the fitness industry joins us on Entrepreneurial Fit Radio.

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I was fortunate enough to get a very early start in fitness simply by watching my father workout at home – mostly with body-weight exercises and some free-weights/dumbbells. As a kid – this made a lasting impression on me – to see how his abilities and physique compared to other people his age. As I got a little older – and he expanded his workouts by joining a local gym – I was then exposed to fitness on a greater scale – and that lifestyle had placed it’s grip on me.

Developing my physique and the gym became strong priorities in my life. In college I majored in Exercise Science and after graduating, I started an in-home personal training service in the lower New York and Connecticut area. I grew the business into a team of 6 trainers serving hundreds of clients from 1992 through 2000 – when I sold the business to move to Florida.

Truth be told, despite my public success, even with the best information in my head and at my fingertips – I still struggled to find my own best potential. I struggled through many ups and downs, including – life-phase transitions, self-image problems, food issues and eating co-dependency. There were some significant things blocking me from success. But I couldn’t figure out what these obstacles were. Until years later…

I opened a one-on-one personal training studio in Florida and it thrived to a point where I had no life. I was training clients from sun-up to sun-down. I was getting burnt-out and I needed a change. I realized I still wanted to help people achieve fitness success, but I wanted to reach people on a greater scale – without having to be physically present with them. I wanted to help people all over the world – and I didn’t want money to be an obstacle preventing people from getting the best guidance possible – guidance from me.

In putting these pieces of the puzzle together, I realized I could achieve those goals by putting all my fitness expertise and coaching into DVDs, e-books, online videos and private client interactive websites. And so I took action and immediately found success with a global crowd of people who’ve been waiting for someone like me to come along.

One thing I never forgot in my years of training people one-on-one is the number of people who would inquire about my services and then be speechless when I told them how much it would cost for them to hire me as their trainer and lifestyle coach. I realized I was out of reach for most people – but I still wanted to help everyone… I made mental notes for the future – A dream of mine would be to come up with a way to help guide people directly – in a way that is affordable for anyone and everyone – no matter where in the world they may live.

In my professional and personal observations of people who have struggled to reach their top goals and maintain them forever – it has become evident there are several key elements these people have not had access to – or realized they needed. Seeing this in other people was the revelation which exposed the challenges I had faced in the earlier years of adulthood.

I realized I was also missing the 3 critical elements – despite having the best academic training and understanding of the human body. But when I finally was able to define these 3 elements and take control of them – I was able to charge straight to my best potential and I have been at my best since that crucial discovery.

These 3 elements are: Motivation, Accountability and Guidance. This revelation has become the foundation of my professional mission: My mission is to give people these 3 critical elements so they can achieve their absolute best potential. These 3 critical elements are what make-up The MAG-Factor.

Today, my career and expertise have come full-circle as I’ve learned the specific and elusive obstacles which prevent people from achieving personal fitness success. And with this unique perspective I am now able to offer the most complete solution to people who truly desire to achieve their best potential and live their life to the fullest in every way – all via The Mag-Factor.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Joey Atlas discuss the following:

Keying in on helping every day entrepreneurs stay fit and be more healthy —less stress…
  1. By nature, most entrepreneurs have unpredictable schedules. What is your top tip for getting workouts in – with a random and shifty type of schedule?
  2. Many entrepreneurs travel quite a bit – and this can be a challenge for them. What do you advise clients to do – who fall into this category?
  3. Besides the right type of workouts and decent nutrition – if there was one thing you could suggest to add to a program – what would it be?
  4. How can entrepreneurs leverage modern technology to help them stick with their program?
  5. Besides the personal aspects of a better body and enhanced health – what other benefits does the entrepreneur experience with the right type of approach to fitness and proper nutrition?


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