Energizing Your Group with a Motivational Speech

Energizing Your Group with a Motivational Speech

with Dr. Bill Lampton

Leaders in every organization face occasions when giving a highly charged motivational speech becomes essential.

Consider these situations:

1. Announcing a major pledge a benefactor has made to your charity.

2. Revving your sales reps to boost their closings rate for the new quarter.

3. Honoring a long time employee at his or her retirement dinner.

4. Dedicating a new building

5. Introducing the new CEO to department heads.

Three key ingredients that will help you energize your group and those in similar circumstances:

1. Set a tone of unwavering optimism.

2. Use vivid illustrations.

3. Be a pace setter yourself.

In Summary: Throughout our business , professional and civic life, opportunities arise every week for energizing groups with arousing motivational speech. When you want to elevate your colleagues to a new plateau of commitment, set a tone of unwavering optimism, use vivid illustrations and be a pace setter yourself.

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