Facebook engaging is important to Life360

Facebook engaging is important to Life360

with Tony Pham

Tony Pham, the Vice President of Marketing for Life360 where he applies 10 years of engagement marketing expertise joins Facebook Radio.

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Tony O. Pham is the Vice President of Marketing for Life360 where he applies 10 years of engagement marketing expertise towards responsibilities including user acquisition & engagement, corporate communications and social media. Since he joined Life360, he has created a marketing strategy and executed campaigns to drive the company towards reaching over 10 million people using Life360’s iPhone and Android app (Grand Prize Winner of Google’s Android Developer Challenge).

Before joining Life360, Tony spent 4 years leading community, online and product marketing at Slide, whose social applications reach more than 170 million people each month in over 200 countries. Google acquired Slide for ~$180 million in 2010.

Tony began his career working at Buzz Marketing Group based in New York, and launching the Levi’s brand in Vietnam. He is a Fulbright Scholar, having researched “The Economic and Social Implications of Fashion in Vietnam.” Tony is a graduate from Grinnell College where he studied political science. He has been quoted in publications such as BusinessWeek and USA Today and spoken at conferences including SXSW and Marketing 2.0.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Tony Pham discuss the following:

  1. How does Facebook fit into the customer and community engagement strategy for a family safety company life Life360?
  2. How do you know whether or not your Facebook page is successful?
  3. Can you give an example of successful engagement on Life360’s Facebook page?
  4. What is one of the biggest challenges you’ve experienced with Facebook?
  5. What advice would you give other organizations just starting their presence on Facebook?

Links: www.life360.com

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