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Think of Surveys As Metrics…But Stay Interviews As SOLUTIONS

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Dick Finnegan, the CEO of C-Suite Analytics and THE Expert on Stay Interviews & the author of five books, including The Power of Stay Interviews, the top-selling SHRM (Society for Human Resources) published book in their history joins Enterprise Radio.

Engagement surveys and exit surveys give data but only data because solutions are elusive. The easy next step is to say, “Employees want more recognition so give one an employee-of-the-month award and the rest of them an anniversary clock.” The obstacle here is the number one reason employees leave…or disengage…is they don’t trust their boss, so every one-size-fits-all program we do to “solve” survey results skirts around their bosses on the assumption that bosses don’t matter. When employees leave your next high-energy company-wide meeting, they still have to go back to work…and engagement and retention are won within the confines of boss/colleagues/duties. Stay Interviews provide these solutions.

EPN would like to thank Dick Finnegan for sharing insights and C-Suite Analytics for sponsoring this podcast episode.

This episode of Enterprise Radio is in association with the Author Channel.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Dick Finnegan discuss the following:

  1. Your research indicates turnover has never been higher and employee engagement is flat. Why do you think that is?
  2. So how do Stay Interviews make this better?
  3. What are the magic questions that help leaders learn this information?
  4. Is it that simple, by asking these questions and solutions appear?
  5. What other support components are required to make Stay Interviews be effective…and also sustain?

Tip:  Our CEOs need us to improve engagement and retention so this is our time to shine. The ideas offered here are fresh thinking…they are new and take work to make happen. But they also enhance and extend our careers by teaching us new skills that are the most necessary in business today. Reach out to Mr Finnegan for more help at

Dick Finnegan is a Speaker, Author & CEO of C-Suite Analytics and Finnegan Institute. Dick Finnegan is a world-renowned expert on Stay Interviews, Employee Engagement and Cutting Turnover. He travels extensively speaking at executive meetings and conferences, has authored five books on Stay Interviews and Employee Engagement, and is CEO of C-Suite Analytics and Finnegan Institute. Businessweek magazine has said “Finnegan offers fresh thinking for solving the turnover problem in any economy”.

An in-demand speaker by business leaders, Dick transforms an audience’s perspective on Employee Turnover and Engagement with concrete data, insight and humor, while providing an employee retention and engagement solution that cuts turnover by 20% or more in the first six months. His experience includes solving turnover and improving engagement in a vast number of industries including Siberian banks, African gold mines, multi-national corporations in China, healthcare institutes, meat processing groups, manufacturing plants and even the CIA.

He leverages that extensive knowledge as CEO of C-Suite Analytics and Finnegan Institute to transform organizations, and to author articles, blogs and books including the top-selling SHRM-published book in history, The Power of Stay Interviews for Engagement and Retention. He holds bachelors and graduate degrees from The Pennsylvania State University and lives in Orlando, Florida.


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