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The Secret to Running a Successful Nightclub

Posted: August 29, 2018 at 8:34 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Every small business owner must understand their industry’s rules before they can successfully break them. Even the best-laid business plan can go wrong if you refuse to view entrepreneurship as a constantly unfolding adventure rather than an instant bridge to success. Chances are, your million-dollar idea has already been thought of by someone else, or even implemented by them at some level. If you are opening a nightclub, you are far from the first to mistakenly believe they can get rich quick.

If you have managed to purchase real estate in an affluent urban area known for its luxury nightlife, it’s true: you are one step ahead of the game already. You are also lucky that most young adults are intrigued, if not impressed by, novelty. If your club is brand new, they will probably want to come check it out.

However, it’s very likely that a dozen other clubs and lounges have captured the attention of the locals and built a reputation as the “it” place to go on a Saturday night. To ensure you maintain long-lasting customers, you must make yourself known as more than just another club. Setting yourself apart from the crowd depends on three key things: excellent branding, enviable decor, and better-than-average customer service.

Know your brand.

Long before the velvet rope is lifted, you must establish what your brand is going to be and how to convey it effectively. In the age of social media, a lot of young people find out about new bars and clubs via Instagram, and you can definitely appeal to the 21+ crowd by paying for promotions on popular social media platforms. But the unfortunate reality is that in this extremely visual digital era, people are not likely to be impressed by the “newness” of your business alone; they must be drawn in by the visual imagery you use. Don’t hesitate to contact a few graphic designers and compare rates before selecting a designer to help you create a memorable logo.

Once you get clubbers through the door, you want to ensure they’ll stay there. Consider the different ways you can hold the attention of a crowd even before they’re sufficiently inebriated. If you want to be known as the club that draws celebrity guests, bottle service and a VIP area is a must. If you want cocktails with international appeal, don’t skimp on ingredients. Purchase from reputable suppliers and employ staff with creative, innovative culinary ideas. Fruit and vegetable suppliers in Sydney can help new lounge and nightclub owners develop sweet and savoury new drinks that will end up splashed on the cover of luxury magazines worldwide.

Design matters.

This goes for both interior and exterior. Figure out what you want your club to be. Are you aiming to attract the edgy alternative crowd? A stark industrial aesthetic is preferable. Hang unique wall art, take inspiration from minimalist Nordic design magazines, and keep a metallic theme going from the exterior to the interior.

If you’re trying to attract EDM-blasting ravers, even the best DJs in town won’t be impressive if there aren’t seizure-inducing strobe lights to help get the party started. Set the tone with a surreal, otherworldly rainbow theme. Don’t be afraid to paint the walls somewhat unconventional colors or decorate a little absurdly; what you think is strange is likely to captivate your guests and keep them coming back. Want to really set yourself apart? Hand out glow sticks at the door or have them available for sale in bulk. You can purchase lots from party planning companies such as Premier Glow, who sell uniquely novel items such as light up toys, colored glow sticks, and confetti cannons.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy way to get rich. But with hard work, dedication, and a positive outlook, you can be on your way to creating the next biggest nightclub hotspot in your local city.

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