The Role of Life Insurance in Business Succession Planning

Ryan Skinner, the Founder and Co-owner of Summit Financial Partners, a firm offering services that include retirement planning, life insurance, and long-term disability, as well as author of Taking Stock: Protect Your Wealth and Create Reliable Income for a Happy and Secure Retirement again joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Ryan Skinner discuss the following:

  1. Many business owners do not have a plan for how their business will continue beyond their active leadership and control. Talk about the importance of business succession planning.
  2. Business succession can be a very costly process – how do you recommend that business owners plan and prepare for this endeavor?
  3. How should business owners bring this topic up with the relevant parties, such as a partner, a potential buyer, or an heir? What should everyone involved know about life insurance?
  4. Life insurance is complicated on its own – what should business owners know when selecting the right policy for business succession planning?
  5. What suggestions or advice do you have for a business owner who has not yet considered life insurance in relation to business succession planning?

Ryan Skinner is Founder and co-owner of Summit Financial Partners, a Woburn, MA-based firm offering a range of services including retirement planning, life insurance and long-term disability. Author of Taking Stock: Protect Your Wealth and Create Reliable Income for a Happy and Secure Retirement, Ryan and Summit Financial Partners have been seen in some of the most recognized American news publications, including Fortune, Forbes, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.

Ryan Skinner is living proof that survival from a dark, downward spiral is possible. Once an addict in his mid-twenties, he was given a second chance at life, and he took full advantage. Today this passionate businessman speaks about recovery in high school drug awareness initiatives, has guest lectured at The Heroin Education Awareness Task Force Program and hosts an addiction recovery group.


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