The role of Agtech in making global sustainability profitable

Andrew Logan, the CEO of OneCrop, a degradable bio-film company which aims to provide the technology to improve crop yield in an environmentally friendly way joins the Green Business Podcast Show.

OneCrop provides a sophisticated yet cost-effective solution that stores soil moisture and increases soil temperature, ensuring growers can maximize the productivity of their farming business.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Andrew Logan discuss the following:

  1. What is OneCrop? Tell us a bit about your team and what you do.
  2. What problem does OneCrop exist to solve?
  3. Agriculture is, and has always been a core industry to human existence. How is technology future-proofing this industry for next generations?
  4. Sustainability has become a much more prominent topic in recent years, however the sentiment that sustainability does not drive profitability. Do you believe this is true?
  5. Impact investing is a hot topic in VC circles, however we often see ‘hype’ investing, or phases (for example VR, blockchain, food delivery etc). What do you believe is the business potential for sustainable/eco-friendly businesses? Do you think impact investing will be a long term strategy for investors?
  6. Agtech is often bundled into the broader tech realm, however tech in this space is very different from SaaS models or consumer tech. What advice would you give to founders and potential investors looking to run or invest in agtech startups?
  7. Any closing remarks on the future of agtech?

Andrew Logan is the CEO of OneCrop. He has a strong history working with fast growing enterprises in the industrial and agricultural sectors.

Andrew’s past roles have included working with private enterprise and startups on strategy development and implementation, particularly securing investment. This takes the form of advisory projects, helping founders and entrepreneurs to formulate a clear strategy for their company including execution, stakeholder engagement and behavior change.

Andrew’s cross industry experience includes work with startups, venture capital, top tier law firms, Big 4 accounting firms, investment/retail banks, and government.

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Twitter: @onecrop_film

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