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The Most Unique Ways to Use PDF Tools

Posted: July 31, 2020 at 10:49 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

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There are multiple pdf tools that can be used for multiple purposes. Using digital tools in an indirect way is called a creative approach, which enables the use of a much wider range of tools to cope with tasks faster. For your convenience, we will identify four types of programs: viewers – for reading and annotating, editors – for editing text and other content, managers – for unlocking, compresing, and other file handling, and converters – for converting PDFs to other formats.

The PDF merge tool allows you to merge different types of files into one media-rich document. For example, you can convert Excel spreadsheets, images, and videos with PowerPoint presentations into one larger PDF. Various software is more or less applicable for different tasks. There are plenty of online pdf tools that are user friendly and have great designs and сlear interfaces. The various tools listed in this article fall into different categories, but some of them are universal PDF editors  and cover the following aspects of digital tools.

PDF files (such as two weeks notice template) are easy to create directly from a document’s native application and in a suitable and secure PDF creator.

Regardless of the application or operating system or the device in which you open the file, the PDF format ensures that all readers will be able to see the document as intended.

Complete control and visibility

When collaborating and sharing PDF files with your team, using the PDF  format allows you to track all changes. Only the read-only format can’t be changed without leaving a footprint. Teams can effectively track every change in their respective documents to provide clarity and maintain version control during collaboration. The pdf tool can prove to be your secret weapon while dealing with new colleagues or employees.

Editing tool

An electronic signature is the equivalent to the correlating signature on a piece of paper from a legal point of view.  The PDF editing tool allows you to place your electronic signature, which speeds up the processing of documents and has a positive effect on the rates indicators of any business.

To ensure that the name on the dotted line is authentic and unaltered,  some PDF editors also include digital  encryption technology that is applied to an e-signature as a layer of supplementary authentication.

To edit a PDF document, you need to use the right tool. PDF documents are not generally  editable by nature. However, any simple PDF editor will allow users to apply changes directly to a PDF file, eliminating unnecessary steps such as retyping and manually searching for particular words in a document.

Some of the most powerful PDF editors include Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality which allows a scanned or image-based document to be searchable and editable by identifying the text characters in the document.

PDF24 Creator

Type: viewer, manager, converter

This small program does not allow editing of the content of PDF documents but is useful for many other operations with the format.

Compact file size

Users have the ability to reduce PDF file size up to 25% without removing any content or altering its appearance. In fact, PDF compression tools can be used to convert various types of files to PDF simply because they’re smaller. For example, saving a 1.25 MB PowerPoint presentation as a PDF file reduces the size down to 352 KB, which is substantially more manageable.

There are also watermark functions


Type: viewer, converter, editor, manager

Although the popular LibreOffice software package is meant to work mainly with WordPress formats, its Draw application digital tool can edit PDF documents as well. This editor can also be used as a converter. Here are some features that are available in this editor:

– View PDF documents

– Сonvert DOC and other WordPress formats to PDF

– Edit texts

Foxit Reader

Type: viewer, converter

 This online tool  is designed to work on operating systems such as Windows, Linux and mobile versions of Android.

Foxit is a fast and convenient PDF reader with different viewing modes. It is suitable for users who need a simple editor for reading documents without a surplus of additional functions.

This application positions itself as a product that solves the problems of paperless documentation and creative digital presentation tasks in the fields of learning, business, insurance and healthcare.

Lumin PDF

Type: viewer, converter, manager, editor

Digital aspects of this program gives the user the ability to design presentations without being a designer, includes features that are routinely used for legal security, and rearrange fully forms and formats in one to another. Here are some pros listed below:


Among the tools available, this editor incorporates a fill tool, which allows the change of a specific group of pixels. Instead of  outlining a certain part, just select the color with color picker, click on the part you want to color and the fill tool automatically configures the color scheme you have selected.

Built-in security

This is straightforward software for those who need intricate business solutions. Even tedious PDF tasks have multiple ways of management. The other thing that you may need, aside from speed and efficiency is security. There is no business that doesn’t require data storage governance and security. PDF tools provide a reliable system that can control the distribution and access of the data contained in documents .

Encryption security is also included in the Lumin PDF tool, which ensures that your files are safe. This means that anywhere the file goes, regardless of the storage, it stays protected. There are several ways to encrypt a PDF document with a PDF editor online tool. You can decrypt using a password or manage with a digital certificate or authentication of use if it’s tied to your company’s database.


To protect copyright information and  control permissions for editing files or to limit access, you can install a password on your document, which will provide a secure collaboration experience.


Redaction is the process of permanently removing sensitive information from a PDF so the file can be distributed to various parties.

Dynamic Stamps

If you are a business leader and are planning a vacation or business trip and need a smooth workflow during your absence, you should definitely think about digital printing.Each of us has our own gadget; may it be a laptop, phone, or tablet. With any of these gadgets, having certain features in a PDF editor is essential, such as document signature without printing and scanning. While working with paperless documentation, you may need to show by whom and when the document was issued, or you might need to watermark your document. Once done, scan your signature and print. You save it and convert the signature to pdf format and integrate it right to your document by choosing the icon in your editor “Signature and Certificates”.

Digital Certificates

Digital certificates act as electronic ID cards and contain personal information to keep documents safe from unauthorized users. You can use digital certificates to protect, decrypt, and legally sign files, ensuring that the document’s viewers and editors are in fact who they claim to be.

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