How to Encourage Employees to be Mindful of Their Trash

The office can be a source of vast amounts of trash. A dozen people are working in an office at the same time. Hence, it’s inevitable to produce a huge amount of waste. It’s quite alarming if your company only has a few employees, but you still produce a lot of trash. These are some tips to encourage your employees to be more mindful of what they throw away.

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Remove bins at every desk

It’s easier for the employees to care less about what they throw away if they have a bin under their desks. You can take away these bins and only put one inside the office. When employees have to walk to throw away a piece of paper, they might change their minds.

Invite reliable speakers 

Another way to raise awareness in regard to correct trash disposal is by inviting reliable speakers. Find people who can inspire your employees to be more mindful of what they throw away. They can also provide examples of ways to reduce the trash in the office. Your employees might feel the need to change once they fully understand that they can do something.

Create a reward system 

Another way to motivate employees to reduce their trash is by creating a reward system. You can group them and the team with the least amount of trash wins the game. Apart from reducing trash, it would help if you also encouraged them to fill the recycling bins. You can create a separate prize for the team with the most items in the recycling bin.

Implement eco-friendly policies 

Before you even consider asking your employees to change their habits, you need to start from the top. Implement policies that could help reduce environmental problems. For instance, you should require your employees to segregate their trash. Support this effort by providing different containers for waste materials. Another strategy is to digitize your transactions. If employees have to use fewer pieces of paper, it will help reduce trash.

When you conduct general cleaning, you can rent a dumpster. Let everyone know that the dumpster rental company has partnerships with the recycling companies. It means that whatever they throw away will end up in the right place. Choose a company for dumpster rental in Hollywood.

However, you should only request this service when necessary. Don’t let your employees rely on a huge dumpster to throw away everything. They still need to be mindful of what they throw out.

Update them about trash-related issues 

You have to be transparent with your employees about your actions related to trash disposal. If the volume of trash increased in the past month, you have to challenge everyone to change their behavior. You should also disseminate information regarding the policies you implemented to reduce the trash in the office. Some employees might not be aware that they can take part in these changes.

The world is already facing serious issues related to trash disposal. If you can start something in the office, it would mean a lot.

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