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If you are into app promotion and try to get top positions at iOS or Android search, you should work on your app rates, reviews, and reputation in general. Here we will explain how to manage your SERM (search engine reputation management) in App Store and Google Play, even gaining positions by relevant and brand keywords.

Start with clear planning and real texts

Reviews are commonly made together with rates. ASO experts and app promotion practitioners do try to keep the rating at 4.5 minimum, while always pushing it up to the 5-stars mark. There may be various reasons why your app average rate drops: some users did not like the new update or some competitor of yours plays unfair. In any case, you lose conversion rates and search positions. Buying incentive reviews can help to change the public vision of you and your products.

Reviews are a flexible tool, so you need to choose one of the instrumental solutions it may offer and prioritize it. Currently, team solves these issues with their help:Changes the public estimation of the application and in-app activity; Hides negative or competitors’ reviews adding more positive instead;Adds rates changing the average app score;Gives boost by keywords positions and helps to rank up higher so you buy app downloads in fewer numbers;Get into the index and compete for brand keywords you can not write into your description.

Once you have chosen the priority you want to focus on and the problem you are ready to fix buying app downloads with reviews, you should decide how to make your reputation management campaign look organic.

Create real and organic comments for your application

Google Play and App Store have strict algorithms that control the quality and authenticity of the text users or incentives write while appreciating someone’s product. So, we highly recommend starting with your texts when you are ready to order reviews for your application. These reviews will be organic for the algorithms and not removed from the application page. Sure, you can use common default texts but we do not recommend this option.

Custom texts will be a good place to add some keywords you either can not add to your description (it is mostly true for Play Store, where third-party brand words and phrases are not allowed in the texts) or can not get into the index (for example you do not have any more place at your keyword field in App Store). Both App Store and Google Play consider that your reputation builds up for months, but not days. So, manage the numbers of daily reviews wisely. Only 3-5% of your organic traffic will be ready to leave the comment about their experience. So, experienced developers commonly order 5-6 reviews per day with native organic texts.

Are you now more confident about promotion with incentive traffic? If not, we explain how to buy app downloads and reviews for your app (URL). Get in touch with experts in promotion and ASO to get better positions in the market search.

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