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The Marie Ricci Collection Ceiling Medallion Line Is Now Mainstream

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Posted: April 20, 2016 at 8:29 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Marie Ricci in Newport, RI

Marie Ricci, Designer and Creator of the Marie Ricci Collection, who has been a wood carver for over 25 years and a gifted artisan with a passion for detail in the world of interior design joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Marie Ricci discuss the following:

  • You have such an interesting backstory. Tell us how you first got started and how the Marie Ricci Collection came about?
  • Your line is known throughout the celebrity world but is it just for celebrities?
  • Do you have a signature product or a design element?
  • These days we hear more about trends when it comes to decorating. What are some popular trends you are seeing when it comes to decorating a kids’ room?
  • Lighting is such an important element in the nursery and often is a great focal point. Tell us about your Do It Yourself ceiling medallions and how this really makes the lighting stand out.
  • Do you have to be an artist to create a Do It Yourself ceiling medallion or can anyone really embark on this project.
  • As your child grows and you want to change the décor, how hard is it to switch out the medallion?
  • What is your biggest piece of advice for new parents that feel overwhelmed when it comes time to decorating the nursery?
  • As a born entrepreneur and one who is very successful in the business world, what is your advice to others who may be hesitant to start their own business. Any tips you can impart?
  • Where can one go to purchase the Marie Ricci collection and is it just sold online?

Marie Ricci, Designer and Creator of the Marie Ricci Collection, has been a wood carver for over 25 years. A gifted artisan with a passion for detail in the world of interior design. Marie’s collection of creative designs are the “punch list” of finished elements to complement any indoor or outdoor décor project. Marie’s passion for carving evolved while building a successful signage company in Florida. In 2000, she then launched her décor business by carving a letter plaque for her friends nursery. Marie’s dream of introducing her ceiling medallion line into the mainstream has now come full circle. The Marie Ricci Collection is not only carried on online through her website but she recently launched a DIY line of ceiling medallions through online websites of Buy Buy Baby, Bed Bath & Beyond and Home Depot.

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