The importance of virtual private networks with PureVPN

The importance of virtual private networks with PureVPN

and Lewis Fein

Lewis Fein, a marketing consultant and media representative for PureVPN joins Enterprise Radio. As a business writer and advisor, Lewis has extensive experience working with technology companies, software developers and telecom brands.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Lewis Fein discuss the following:

  • Tell us about PureVPN.
  • Why are virtual private networks so important?
  • What distinguishes PureVPN from the competition?
  • What are some key groups that use PureVPN’s services?
  • How do you envision PureVPN expanding or evolving?
  • What’s the response been like, among users, to the benefits available from PureVPN?

Duration: 13:30

PureVPN started in November 2006 as an experimental service providing online security against data sniffers. It also targeted regions where the Internet was censored and access to websites and various internet services was restricted. The experiment was successful, with people all over the world unblocking websites and online services.

From the very beginning, PureVPN has focused on quality, freedom and choice of connectivity. Its service includes a spectrum of countries where the user can connect without limitations no matter how many times you switch between multiple locations. All of our VPN locations have specialties that empower our customers. Needless to say, there are locations where Expats love to stream online TV from abroad no matter what country they live in. Some customers that specialize in marketing and SEO love using multiple locations for effectiveness of their campaigns. Online gamers want to access multi-player and discrete games restricted by Geo location and other countless uses.


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