Sportsguard, protecting youth baseball players

Sportsguard, protecting youth baseball players

Michael Green, the Founder and CEO of SportsGuard, a nationally acclaimed manufacturer of patented sports protection equipment joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Michael Green discuss the following:

  • Tell us about SportsGuard?
  • What inspired you to create this brand?
  • Why are head and chest injuries so serious among children and teens who play baseball and other sports?
  • How does SportsGuard elevate safety and give parents and coaches the peace of mind they deserve?
  • Share with us some success stories about players or coaches who have embraced SportsGuard?
  • What’s your advice to players and coaches considering SportsGuard?

Duration: 15:30

SportsGuard was started by concerned parents of youth baseball players, coaches who happen to have experience with biophysics and engineering.

After observing the introduction of heart guards for youth baseball players, some made mandatory by certain leagues and towns,they recognized an important area of protection for youths that had not been addressed, protection for non-helmeted youth baseball players pitching and fielding. HeadGuard by SportsGuard was born.

It was during the development of the HeadGuard that coincidentally Major League Baseball changed its rules for first and third base coaches requiring them to wear helmets for protection on the field.

The company, located in central New Jersey a few miles from Rutgers University, now has other novel products being introduced to protect youths enjoying sport such as the StealthGuard and X Grip by SportsGuard.

SportsGuard’s products are now “available at Ripken Baseball” in Aberdeen, Maryland and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Michael Green is a graduate of Brandeis University and Hofstra University Law School, Michael is also the founding member of Green & Pagano,  a full service law firm with offices in central and northern New Jersey. The Firm offers legal services in a range of legal disciplines.


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