The growing impact of ethnic food and how it is its own niche

Chef Arthur Artiles

Arthur Artiles, Chef for MIC Food, MIC Food is one of the top distributors for fresh and frozen Latin American delicacies around the world joins Enterprise Radio.

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Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Arthur Artiles discuss the following:

  • How is the impact of ethnic food in the restaurant space changed in the last 20 years?
  • Tell us how foods like yucca and plantains are becoming more mainstream.
  • How are those foods, yucca and plantains, being used more than their traditional side dish?
  • Isn’t foods from Latin America one of the fastest growing trends. Can you tell us about that?
  • How can Chefs get more information about incorporating and cooking with yucca and plantains through MIC Food?

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Latin American cuisine is becoming a top trend throughout the restaurant industry and MIC Food is leading in the distribution of this niche market. MIC Food brings fresh, frozen, authentic and ready to use Hispanic foods to restaurants, distributors and many top chefs around the world.

Their mission is to bring the vibrant tropical fruits and vegetables to the forefront on menus across the world. The restaurant industry has seen a rise in Hispanic consumers and are ultimately learning that they must cater to the newly rising consumer.  Yucca and plantains are to examples of Latin American foods that are being found time and time again as a top selling side dish. Many people select these options in opposition to many traditional sides due to the change in top consumer and the drive for a healthy option.

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MIC Food has made it their mission to bring this style of cooking and new niche to chefs around the globe. Chefs and restaurants can have their distributer order or order directly through MIC Food to bring these Latin American vegetables and tropic fruits into their restaurants to join this uprising food trend. Many of these innovative dishes can be found on where people can see many of Chef Arthur’s inspiring creations while also learning how to cook these traditional Latin American dishes on their own.


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