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The Great Outdoors: A Quick Guide To Help With Planning Your Camping Trip

Posted: September 17, 2019 at 5:30 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

While listening to an inspirational travel podcast, you think about the great outdoors. Your thoughts are about hiking in the woods among the majestic trees with the creatures of the forest. Picturing yourself immersed in the great outdoors, you see yourself in a place where you can really find freedom.

One of the best ways to enjoy nature and get in touch with your inner self is by hiking. Hiking provides a great opportunity for introspection, exercise, and exploration. Though many people are new to hiking, it is important to have the right hiking gear as well as know the common rules while hiking. Somewhere in the back of your mind you’re saying, “I’m no survivalist but I sure do want to go camping and experience the great outdoors!” The soothing voice from the podcast motivates you to begin researching for your first camping trip. Here is a quick guide to help you begin planning your outdoor getaway experience.


In today’s modern society, everything has become ultra-convenient, and now that includes booking a camping spot online. So you no longer have to worry about waking up early to grab a camping spot (only to not have one when you get there) because campground owners now use a campground reservation software from Astra. This convenient software has become beneficial to both guests and owners alike. Campground owners can showcase their property, attracting guests like yourself. Guests can now find campgrounds throughout the nation and can conveniently make a reservation that guarantees a camping spot. It’s a win-win situation for both sides. So you can make a reservation, pack up, and drive to your getaway with a peace of mind knowing you’ll have a spot when you arrive. Just because you are going camping doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of this modern convenience.

Spending time and camping in the great outdoors is a travel concept that has been surging in popularity. City dwellers and international travelers long for an authentic life-changing experience outside the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Camping and being outdoors is known to be beneficial to the mind, the body, and the spirit. This is what attracts people to the great outdoors. So by now you are ready to look for a campsite, but is it as easy as booking a hotel like you normally do when you go on vacation, thinking back to a time when you were younger. Your parents took you on a camping trip (tried to at least). You remember that your Dad told you that you had to wake up super early so that you can get a camping spot at the campground. When you and your family arrived, it wasn’t early enough (as you woke up late and your parents had to drag you out of bed) and didn’t catch a spot. So you end up eating some ice cream on the way home and the camping trip ended there. It’s not that way anymore. You can have your camping spot waiting for you.

The Essential First-Aid Kit

So you’ve booked a spot at a campground, and now it’s time to think about packing for the trip. A comprehensive first-aid kit is definitely the first thing to pack. Why comprehensive? Why not just any first-aid kit you get from the local drug store, you ask? While the simple first-aid kit you get at the local drug store will suffice, opting to choose a more comprehensive first-aid kit is more beneficial in the great outdoors. A simple kit will, typically, only contain a few bandages and a few alcohol wipes. While a comprehensive first-aid kit will contain more than enough medical supplies to cater to accidental injuries incurred while camping in the great outdoors. You may also want to add some over-the-counter medications like antihistamines, bug repellent, and medication for cuts or blisters.


Depending on the types of food you like, consider including dehydrated foods while packing for the trip. You may also want to prep food that you will be cooking at the campsite by organizing them into resealable bags. Pack a variety of trail mix, juices, coffee, tea, and water with you. Whatever you choose to take with you, also remember to dispose of your trash responsibly.


Now, this is where it really gets fun when it comes to packing for your camping trip. If you plan on hiking, consider packing a pouch of some sort to carry essential items with you (in case you don’t want to bring a full bag pack with you when walking around in the woods). If kayaking is your plan, don’t forget to bring safety gear. Fishing is also a great activity, so don’t forget your tackle box and your fishing rod, of course. Are you looking up at the beautiful night sky while sitting by the campfire? Consider bringing a pair of binoculars with you. Binoculars will have you looking at the stars all night.

Camping in the woods can be a fun way to disconnect from the outside world. But that doesn’t mean you should go in without a means to contact other people in case you need help. When you go camping, make sure you bring a ham radio for emergencies.

If anything else, you can also use it as an opportunity to teach your kids how to operate these handy radios! Plus, it’s fun to talk to each other with the radios, which could quickly become one of your favorite camping activities. Over.

These are only a few things to consider when planning to go on a camping trip. Of course, you can also bring additional items you feel is necessary (maybe a GPS tracker?). If so do check out the GPS device guide by Globo Surf for some great information. Remember to have fun and relax while experiencing the great outdoors.

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