The Fastest-Growing Online Sectors of the Now

Online business, almost by its very definition, is fast moving. Online business is inexplicably tied to the changing tastes and trends of the current, and at any moment established companies can fall, replaced by young upstarts wishing to make a killing. Knowing which online business sectors are undergoing stratospheric levels of growth is important both for investors and entrepreneurs wanting to know where next to focus their efforts; if you’re one of these two groups, take heed! These are the fastest growing sectors to keep an eye on!

Sport Retail

According to research by packaging company DPD, e-commerce sites offering sporting equipment are the most up-and-coming sectors within the online retail industry. Up until now the sporting goods sector has remained a distinctly high-street-based activity, but now customers are cottoning on to the cheaper prices and excellent deals that are provided by online sports retailers – just look at the successes of the U.K’s Sports Direct!

Online Gaming

With the rapid explosion in smartphones, tablets, consoles and internet connections online games are truly booming in terms of popularity and potential profit! Take Betsafe, for instance. This website has grown massively on the back of providing customers with casino games of the ilk usually found in Vegas, and thanks to a huge choice of games – poker, blackjack, slots etc – would-be players are constantly flocking back for more!

IT Support

As online industries boom, the support networks that keep them going are similarly growing. Whether it’s the upkeep of data centres, networks or digital products, businesses are always in need of IT services and support, and it’s here that money can be made. Consumer-focused businesses are also doing very well; iYogi’s remote support services are proving immensely popular, for instance.

Big Data

As huge companies and governments begin to cotton on to the benefits of data in both social analytics and service provision, a whole new online sector is growing large. Governments especially are, primarily due to the effects of the recent depression, hoping to pin their nations’ economic hopes on the development of data-based technology and business, and as such there is a huge amount of investment money out there that savvy start-ups and established tech leaders can snap up. Companies such as PWC, Accenture and IBM are truly extracting gains from big data, and will likely do so in a greater fashion as the notion gathers traction.

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