The Best Podcast Segment Ideas that Will Make Your Series Irresistible

Nowadays, podcasts are revolutionizing what it means to attain knowledge while on-the-go. According to the latest statistics, over half the population of the U.S. ages 12 or older have listened to a podcast at least once in their life. For listeners they can be fun outlets of entertainment, with almost any niche available online to download depending what they want to hear.

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The mobility that a podcast can provide is an exciting feature for people with busy schedules that still want to retain information that matters to them

But for podcast producers and creators, keeping their audiences engaged episode after episode is key. As the market becomes more saturated with options, listeners are choosing their podcasts more selectively. However, it’s easier to stand out than you may think. Let’s take a look at some interesting segments that can be incorporated into any podcast.

Discussions with notable guests

The most successful podcasts across all niches normally make use of an interview or conversation segment with special guests who are relevant to the show’s subject. These people can be experts, influencers, or famous stars, depending on what the podcast is about. Hosts can have their guest lead the show, give a lecture, or simply participate in a conversation with the producers.

If you’re a big fan or enthusiast about a podcast’s subject, it can be great fun as a listener to hear famous people speak their mind or give pointed advice during an episode.

For example, in the “Thinking Poker Podcast” with Andrew Brokos and Nate Meyvis, audiences are given tips directly from the pros as they interview famous names throughout the industry, creating a compelling show that brings in listeners from all around the world. In the same way, some of the best sports podcasts, like “Pardon my Take”, are able to entertain audiences everywhere by connecting with famous pro athletes and getting them to show different sides of themselves that the audience has never seen before.

The bottom line is that having notable names on your show, specifically ones related to your industry, excites listeners, and adds that special depth to take your production to the next level.

Story of the day

While it may not be as exciting as listening to a famous person talk about something interesting, having a “Story of the Day” to share with your listeners can also be entertaining. Listeners grow to love the hosts of their favorite podcasts, so hearing little tidbits from your life can be a highlight for them.

This can be anything from an embarrassing moment at work to a funny anecdote about a romantic date, or anything else you think is note-worthy and interesting to share. It can also be related to the podcast topic. For example, if you’re a stock exchange broker, you could tell the tale of your personal ups and downs for the week.

As well as helping listeners to bond with you, the Story of the Day also serves to break up your podcast, offering much needed moments of light entertainment in between deeper topical discussions.

Q & A with listeners

In the same way that listeners want to hear from their hosts, you can also incorporate time into your shows to hear from listeners. Ask your audience to send in questions to your podcast’s website or social media platform, then select at random the ones you will read out during the episode.

Center your Q and A around a specific topic to create extra buzz and traffic from your listeners. Not only will they want to participate for the chance of being featured, but they will also feel like a real part of your show, rather than just a passive listener who is one out of hundreds.

Social Media feature

Another creative way to engage with your podcast audience is to ask your listeners to post on their social media using a special hashtag that you come up with. This segment can be as funny or serious as you want it to be.

For example, using the hashtag #2000’smusicthrowback and having your listeners post about their favorite tunes from the early 2000’s can be a great way to start a conversation that everyone can take part in.You could also run competitions via social media where listeners have to answer a quiz or share content to win a prize.

Of course, be sure to adapt this segment to your podcast’s subject so that it’s appropriate for your target audience.


If you’ve really enjoyed a product or item recently, why not share it in your podcast? Listeners are always eager to receive recommendations from people who have actually used the product in real life. Who knows? Maybe the item your review could be something that your listener was just recently thinking of buying.

Again, you should tailor this to the subject of your podcast. So, if you cover beauty and makeup, then you could have a segment that reviews the makeup products you have been trying out over the last week.

If all these ideas sound like music to your ears, but you know you won’t be able to find the time as a host to turn them into a reality, you may want to consider hiring a producer that will be able to dedicate themselves to expanding your listenership. For the most part, these are all segments that can be easily integrated into most podcast shows.

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Podcast creators that stay up to date with trending news can attract more listeners just by remaining relevant

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