Technology, Medical Industry and Entrepreneurs: Bridging the Gap from Regulation to Reality

Daniel Kraciun, the Chief Marketing Officer & VP of Operations at that provides DSCSA Compliance Solutions joins Enterprise Radio.

Listento hostEric Dye & guest Daniel Kraciun discuss the following:

  1. Your company has a technology addressing drug supply chain safety, and our earlier segment took a look at the upcoming Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) with your Chief Technology Officer, Tom Cooper. I’d like to focus a little differently here, now, and talk about what it means to be a tech entrepreneur in the medical space. First things first, how did identify the need for a technology-focused platform as a solution to the DSCSA?
  2. Your team appears to have deep business and technology roots, but I’m not seeing an MD after your name. Can you tell me what is required to create a technology startup in a medically-specific marketplace?
  3. Your company and technology focuses on a particular segment of the medical field – pharmaceutical. Can you share some of the unique challenges or opportunities that are specific to entrepreneurs in this arena?
  4. I understand that the Drug Supply Chain Security Act has a deadline in November of this year for pharma manufacturers and others across the supply chain to have the ability to track their products. Isn’t there some kind of inventory management already in place, for lack of a better description, and how will this Act change things for the industry?
  5. Do you have any words of wisdom for existing or potential entrepreneurs who feel they have a product or solution for the medical and pharma worlds?

Daniel Kracium is the Chief Marketing Officer, VP of Operations at Daniel Kraciun is an experienced sales and marketing professional currently serving as the Chief Marketing Officer and VP of Operations for Since January 2021, he has been working on implementing effective marketing strategies and company operations.

Daniel has held the role of CMO and has also served as Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. Notably, he held the position of Director of Solutions and Integrations at DialogTech contributing to the company’s solution development, sales, and system integration strategies. In 2022, Daniel was honored with a place on the Cleveland 40 under 40 list, reflecting his dedication and achievements in his field.


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