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Taking Care Of your Health As A Lady Boss: A Few Tips For Achieving An Ideal Work-Life Balance

Posted: May 28, 2021 at 7:41 am / by / comments (0)

While living in modern times seems to be all about the grind and glorifying workaholism, that mindset is nothing but damaging to your mental, spiritual and physical health. Taking care of one’s physical body and giving yourself the permission to take breaks and holidays whenever needed is a skill acquired by some of the most successful individuals out there.

But are breaks and vacations every other month or so enough to maintain the inner motivation system that drives you to work harder without burning out? Certainly not. Your days should be an even mixture of work and rest that isn’t limited to 8 hours of sleep, and one of the most effective methods of doing that is by taking care of your physical body.

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Because of this, we’ve compiled a few ways in which you can incorporate a sense of health-consciousness in your hectic lifestyle as a lady boss. In turn, it can help make the most out of your rest and rejuvenation period each day.

Take Care of Your Posture

First and foremost, one of the most common issues that all people having a sedentary lifestyle is their posture. Leaning over on your laptop for hours at a time will ruin your posture and give you frequent back pains, and may even lead to spondylosis.

To deal with bad posture, you can either try elevating your work desk or start practicing a revamped version 2:2:2 method. After every 20 minutes of staring into your computer screen, looking away at a distant object at least 20 feet away from you for 2 minutes.

And don’t just sit at your desk while doing that, either. Head over to a different spot, like your terrace or your balcony, to stretch your back. Do a few neck rotations and stretch your arms out, too, while you’re at it. If you’re not sure where to begin, there are many apps that can help get you started.

Get Plenty of Sleep Throughout the Day

Most workaholics aren’t able to get enough rest – and while that isn’t okay, we do understand how difficult it must be for you to shelve out 8 hours straight to catch up on your sleep if you play an important role in your organization that requires you to be available anytime.

If 8 hours straight of sleep sounds too much for you, divide your sleeping hours into 4 or more short naps taken throughout the day to keep you energized. Through it all though, we certainly do recommend that you catch up on proper sleep during the weekends and holidays.

If you’ve been feeling lethargic and dizzy all day, it’s a very clear sign that you may need to seek out medical help. You could benefit greatly from medication, dietary changes, or even professional vertigo treatment to keep these health issues at bay — and help keep your focus entirely on the game.

Take Care of Your Diet

Instead of relying on fast food and caffeine, try packing up your lunch. Or, if you’re wanting to try new recipes, ask your co-workers to bring you some home-cooked food to share. (Just be sure to repay their kindness with your own sweet gestures or food gifts!)

If you can’t seem to accommodate time for preparing your own food, another healthy option would be to order your food from local restaurants that prepare their meals freshly using high-quality ingredients. That said, avoid fast-food joints at all costs.

Take Care of Your Reproductive Health

We face many health issues specific only to women. Many of which have to do with our reproductive health. Pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause can also bring changes to the body, including health issues that did not exist before. That’s why we should take special care in maintaining our reproductive health. We can do this by incorporating specific workouts like Kegels to strengthen our pelvic floor muscles, taking supplements for women’s reproductive health, practicing safe sex, and using vagina-friendly hygiene products. By looking after our reproductive health, we may be able to prevent specific health issues and live a healthy life for longer.

Hit the Gym Consistently (Or Just Go For a Walk)

Whether you’re training for a half-marathon or you’re simply taking a stroll around the block, your body craves movement. The point is, you need to keep some physical activities going on to compensate for your mostly sedentary lifestyle.

Walking is also a severely underrated form of exercise that also blesses you with some wonderful sights and plenty of fresh air, depending upon the routes that you choose to take. If you like your walking routes, you’re more likely to feel motivated to go out for a walk regularly!

Take a Few Minutes Every Day To Reflect

Introspection is extremely important to figure out any underlying patterns you may be developing. It can also help you understand yourself a little better to make decisions that will impact you more effectively.

Think about your day or write about it, or simply scan your to-do lists, emails, or any other form of documentation of your days. This can help you start to notice the subtleties of your subconscious mannerisms and point out those aspects where you should try to improve. In turn, it will help improve your mental health greatly.

Leading By Example

As a lady boss, people will see you as an inspiration and a role model for the coming generation. Standing proud and tall would need a healthy backbone too, so make it a point to put yourself and your own health first, over everything else. In time, everything else should start to fall into place, and you can finally start to see all of your hard work pay off for you.

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