Successful Woman Entrepreneur Launches her new book Boobs, Brains, & Balls

Charlie Fusco

Charlie Fusco, CEO of Synergixx and author of the new book, Brains, Boobs, & Balls, life lessons from the road any female entrepreneur can follow joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Charlie Fusco discuss the following:

  • You’re a successful woman entrepreneur with a family. How do you manage to balance your family life and run a multi-million-dollar company?
  • If you could share two pieces of advice for a woman who wants it all-career, kids and a happy marriage, what would that be?
  • Just last week, your book Brains, Boobs & Balls was released and it already was number one in non-fiction on Amazon, why do you think your book is resonating with so many people?
  • Tell me a little bit about the book. What was your motivation for writing it?
  • What is next for you? Will you be writing another book? Growing and expanding your company, Synergixx? Do you have other aspirations that you can share?

Charlie Fuscois an award-winning marketing strategist who started her own company at age 24 growing it into a multi-million dollar enterprise while devoting herself to her husband and her three children.

But she will tell you that she became a successful CEO, entrepreneur, wife, and mother by simultaneously failing at all of them and turning her “screw-ups” into “fail-ups.” She is a master at changing tragedy into triumph and turning ideas into profit.

She has been credited with creating marketing campaigns responsible for more than $1 billion in global sales. Her laser focus is sought out by other CEOs and CMOs launch their own initiatives. She is a sought-after speaker and business coach in the direct to consumer marketing industry and female entrepreneurship. In addition to her newest book Brains, Boobs, & Balls: Life Lessons Any Female Entrepreneur Can Follow, she also co-authored The Billion Dollar Box for direct marketers, a children’s book on bullying called The Bully Monster, in addition to a health and nutrition book for E!’s Dr. 90210 TV personality, plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Rey called Body by Rey.

Fusco’s Recent Awards Include:
• 2016 Philadelphia Business Journal 40 Under 40
• 2016 South New Jersey Business Journal 40 Under 40
• South Jersey Biz Top 25 Executives of the year
• Gloucester County Living’s Women of Gloucester County for 2016
• 2016 SmartCEO Brava Award

Growing up with one foot in Mexico and the other in Southern California, she now lives in New Jersey with her husband Tom, her son Jake, daughters Ava and Angelina and the family’s ever-growing menagerie of animals. As a mother, her passion is raising adventurous children with quick wit, free spirits, and the heart to take bold action in the world. As a wife, she tries to steal away as many nights with her husband as possible, enjoying glasses of incredible scotch and foods she says “will forever keep me out of a size 6!”

Fusco is a member of the Electronic Retailing Association and the Direct Response Marketing Alliance. She is also active in her community, supporting iLEAD Schools, Open Hydrant Theater Company, and Covenant House International.

Brains, Boobs & Balls is equal parts business strategy, comedy, and personal journey, with an unabashed dash of the bawdy.

Don’t worry — this is not a self-help book. It’s a 100% uncensored confessional-style account of all the terrible mistakes that can be survived while trying to conquer the boardroom, control the family room, and master the bedroom all at the same time.

What Fusco tells readers about succeeding in life and in business is to stand by their decisions, keep moving forward, and learn how to turn “screw ups” into “fail ups.” With an emphasis on insights for female entrepreneurs, Brains, Boobs & Balls shares Fusco’s life lessons acquired from her own journey to personal and professional success.

Brains, Boobs & Balls

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