Spending on a budget has never been easier

Chaim Lever, Founder of Four, who is taking the buy now pay later industry by storm, by helping you spend on a budget, in four simple payments joins Enterprise Radio.

Listento hostEric Dye& guest Chaim Lever discuss the following:

  1. Could you share with our audience a little about Four? How did Four begin?
  2. What advice would you offer to entrepreneurs seeking to launch their business?
  3. What is exciting about retail at the moment?
  4. With the rise of online retailers there has been a change in the way we shop. Why do you think millennials prefer using a 4 step payment plan, rather than using a credit card?
  5. What differentiates FOUR from others in the Buy Now Pay Later market?

Summary: There are over 1 million retail establishments across the United States, and shoppers are becoming overwhelmed and starting to move away from the brands they once loved. With most stores becoming e-commerce based, product pricing is becoming more and more competitive. Which means the quality of retail products and customer satisfaction isn’t up to scratch. By offering payment options like FOUR to customers, retailers are able to keep their product quality, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty high. Four is shaping the way customers pay, by helping them spend on a budget, in FOUR simple, easy and interest free payments.

Four is shaping the future of retail payments, by giving shoppers the option to receive their desired retail goods, immediately whilst sticking to their weekly budget, in four simple payments. Four helps your customers spend more responsibly, without charging them a dime, unless they miss their payment schedule.

Four is on a mission to make spending as easy, simple and stress free as possible. We want to help retailers gain back their brand loyalty whilst offering the most securiest and easiest way of paying to their customers.

Four offer the best of service and 100% support to our customers, to ensure everyone is having the best spending experience possible, happy shopping.

Website: paywithfour.com

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